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To show welding in technical school
It’s almost spring. High school seniors around the country have begun narrowing down their choices for a post-secondary education and are preparing for the next stage in their lives. It also happens to be Career and Technical Education Month, a fantastic time for postsecondary CTE schools to market themselves to new prospective students.
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To show trade school
You may have seen it. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million or more of us certainly did. Episode 326 of South Park. It was a “special” episode highlighting the desperate need for skilled labor in the US workforce. It premiered on October 27. The special went something like this: The town’s “educated” professionals cannot perform...
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To show business people having meeting
It’s become clear. There is an urgent need for students to consider a technical or career-based education. Our economy is desperately short of skilled workers and now the government has finally taken note. Earlier this month (Nov.) leaders in higher ed, the government and workforce development came together in Norfolk, VA to conduct a CTE...
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To show a female welder in trade school
A recent study from the Educational Data Initiative (EDI) has revealed some alarming facts about college students. Up to 32.9% of undergraduate students do not complete their degrees, with nearly a quarter of first-year students at four-year institutions dropping out within their first 12 months.
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To show college student
Colleges are in crisis. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, total U.S. enrollment topped out a decade ago with about 18.1 million students. Today, there are about 2.5 million fewer students in the system. This, while U.S. Census data show our overall population has grown by 23 million during the same timeframe
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To show a trade school/career college
Is your enrollment department flooded with new students? Or are students going to your competitors’ schools instead? If they’re enrolling with the competition, and not you, there may be a big reason why. Your competitors are better at marketing their product.
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