Six of The Best Ways to Market Your Career School

Great news! There are now more recent high school graduates and adult learners turning to a career-based education than perhaps ever before.

But competition to enroll them has become fierce. To best your competitors and meet your enrollment goals, make sure your marketing team is employing the six “must do” strategies you see below.

The 6 “Marketing Must Do’s” For Career Schools

  1. Learn their pain points. Like marketing any product, you must know what emotionally triggers your prospects to make a choice, and you must make yourself a solution to those pain points, so they choose you.

  2. Your website absolutely must be modern, mobile optimized, user friendly and exciting. It should tell your school’s story in a compelling, exciting way… while still positioning it as a potential solution to those pain points.

  3. You must take advantage of every social media platform by creating compelling, fun and sharable video content. It should not only show off your school and its programs but paint a picture of how good life could be after graduation.

  4. Never neglect your email list. Email your prospective student list at least once a week highlighting your programs and the success stories of former students. Paint that picture.
  5. You must target your advertising. The days of “shotgun” advertising are over. Today, you must get granular. And all that incoming ad data must be deeply analyzed to find areas you can improve on.
  6. You must use live transfer leads. These are prospective students that Conversion Media Group has live on the phone, ready to talk with your enrollment representatives. We’ve painted the picture already, and these prospects are warmed up and ready to hear from you, directly!

Now, if your school is struggling with enrollments, has a few seats still to fill, or wants to increase the size of its waiting list…

Five of these six marketing tips should certainly help.

But perhaps the best way to ensure your school reaches its enrollment goals
is by utilizing “must do” #6… partnering with Conversion Media Group!

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