November 2023
To show business people having meeting
It’s become clear. There is an urgent need for students to consider a technical or career-based education. Our economy is desperately short of skilled workers and now the government has finally taken note. Earlier this month (Nov.) leaders in higher ed, the government and workforce development came together in Norfolk, VA to conduct a CTE...
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To show income growth
No matter what business or vertical you operate in, you know the importance of digital marketing.
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To show college students
Every business needs more customers to grow. This is perhaps no more apparent than in the business of higher education. Since most students are not lifetime “customers”, it’s of utmost importance for schools to continue to fill their pipeline with new prospects.
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To show lead generation
Any school, offering any programs, can only increase their enrollments in one of two ways, and there will likely never be a third way. You can either reenroll old students, or enroll new, first timers.
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To show a female welder in trade school
A recent study from the Educational Data Initiative (EDI) has revealed some alarming facts about college students. Up to 32.9% of undergraduate students do not complete their degrees, with nearly a quarter of first-year students at four-year institutions dropping out within their first 12 months.
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