April 2023
To show a call center employee
Call centers and contact centers may seem like interchangeable terms. However, as you’re about to see, they are quite distinct. Each one functions differently, has employees with vastly different skillsets, and offers businesses specific solutions to specific problems.
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To show email marketing
Today, we want to share 10 facts that prove email marketing still works, and why you should incorporate email marketing into your higher-ed lead gen efforts.
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To show alternative college
For over a decade now, colleges and universities have been experiencing a massive “brain-drain” across the system. Today, as the National Student Clearinghouse notes, there are 2.4 million fewer students attending traditional four-year programs than there were in 2011.
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to show a contact center
Most businesses that utilize contact centers do so for two basic reasons: customer service or customer acquisition. For those businesses using a contact center for customer service, an offshore or near-shore call center, while not optimal, may be sufficient.
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