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It’s become clear. There is an urgent need for students to consider a technical or career-based education. Our economy is desperately short of skilled workers and now the government has finally taken note. Earlier this month (Nov.) leaders in higher ed, the government and workforce development came together in Norfolk, VA to conduct a CTE roundtable to discuss the issue.

The focus of the discussion, lead by Dr. Joel English, was to address workforce needs nationwide, and how there must be more collaboration between higher ed, government bodies and industry.

As noted in Yahoo! Finance, which covered the roundtable discussions, “by aligning education and training programs with the demands of the job market, students can secure rewarding careers while addressing the workforce shortage.”[1]

Of course, for career and technical educators, this statement is quite obvious. However, even though traditional college enrollment has been in decline for over a decade, there are too few students who know the benefits of a career-based education. The roundtable, and Conversion Media Group, hopes to change this.

Panel leader, Dr. English said, “What we want to do is take the opportunity to combine forces – community colleges, universities, and technical colleges – to make sure we are creating the most opportunity for students.”

While creating opportunities for students is a must, the more difficult task at hand is attracting new students into post-high school CTE programs. That’s where Conversion Media Group shines. More on this in a moment.

First, panelist Jared Chalk, Chief Business Development Officer of Hampton Roads Alliance, said, “Economic development in our region thrives when targeted industries align with workforce development. As we cultivate industries of the future, we are simultaneously equipping our workforce with the skills and knowledge to excel in these fields. It’s a forward-thinking approach where economic growth and talent development work hand in hand, propelling Hampton Roads towards a prosperous and sustainable future.”

Clearly, as evidenced by Mr. Chalk’s comments, industry is in dire need of more skilled workers. While the government and industry are trying to do its part to shine a light on the issue, and to highlight how well-paying some careers can be after graduating from a CTE program, government alone cannot help schools attract new students…

And some career-based schools themselves are having issues attracting them at a desirable rate.

That’s where Conversion Media Group comes in.

You see, Conversion Media Group not only knows the importance of a career-based education, and why CTE institutions are so vital to our future, but we speak directly with prospective students who are actually considering a career-based education and want to learn more about the various types of programs they can enroll in.

We bridge the gap.

As one of the nation’s leaders in driving new CTE and college enrollments, CMG is in constant email, text, and phone contact with thousands of prospective students, both new high school grads and adult learners, nearly every single day.

Yes, thousands of them. And they tell us exactly what they are truly looking for in an education… chances are you may offer exactly what they’re looking for!

Now, because of the number of prospective students we speak with (we own and operate US-based contact centers), we’re able to help drive qualified leads for almost any program, at almost any volume.

In fact, by guiding prospective students to the programs they’re really looking for (and the ones you offer), we have the capacity to drive 100 or more “live transfers” to your enrollment representatives, daily.

These live transfers are prospective students we have live on the phone, and want to hear more about you, from you. Once they’re ready to talk, we can transfer them directly to your enrollment representatives, while they’re still on the phone.

We’ve already educated them on the many of the benefits of CTE programs, they just need to hear more about what you can offer them.

As noted earlier, when Dr. English said, “What we want to do is take the opportunity to combine forces – community colleges, universities, and technical colleges – to make sure we are creating the most opportunity for students.”

Conversion Media Group bridges the gap between schools and student opportunity.

So, if you need 50, 100, 1,000 new students or more, Conversion Media Group can help you reach your enrollment goals.

It’s our expertise.

Discover how Conversion Media Group can drive qualified education leads, applications, and enrollments to your institution – by calling one of our education specialists today at: (+1) 800 419 3201.

Or you can contact us HERE, and a career education enrollment expert will get back with you as soon as possible.

[1] Career and Technical Education Roundtable Highlights Workforce Development Needs and Educational Pathways (yahoo.com)

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