June 2023
To show graduate, soon to be alumni
In the world of sales and marketing, your best customers are the ones you already have. For institutions of higher education, this means your alumni. While your graduates will not likely re-enroll (unless it’s for an advanced degree or additional course continuation), they are an invaluable resource you should be leveraging to motivate new potential...
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To show video marketing in action
Video is king. Today, 91% of businesses are using video as part of their marketing programs, the highest percentage of businesses using this media (including TV) ever. And nearly 90% of marketers believe that video has a definitive and strong impact on sales. This too is an all-time high
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To show college students
Universities are in crisis mode. From 2019 to 2022, undergraduate enrollment at four-year institutions dropped by 8%. Further, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been no greater 5-year slide in the college-going rate, on record.
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To show digital marketing strategy
It’s 2023 and every business now knows that digital marketing can be a primary growth driver. When done correctly, digital marketing can generate new leads, new customers, and new revenues, cost effectively. It’s no wonder why a recent survey from The CMO showed that most businesses have upped their digital marketing budgets by 16% this...
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