Call Center Solutions

Conversion Media Group currently owns and operates centers in the United States as well as overseas. With over 30 years’ experience in the call center industry, we recognize a monetization opportunity for call centers of all sizes. We have recently rolled out a beta test of our Monetizer software that allows call centers to create landing pages (desktop and mobile) with ease using drag and drop features.

We have secured affiliate offers in some of the largest verticals and make it possible for our call center partners to create exciting pages that utilize our offers. These landing pages can be accessed by prospects via text message automatically, which are sent to the prospect’s device of choice.

Prospects can engage and interact with your product offerings on THEIR terms when they are ready to engage. Further, reporting allows you to see which offers work best across our network in real time and allows a floor manager to utilize offers that are performing best to ensure the highest ROI.

The Monetizer is still in Beta testing and we look forward to rolling it out soon. The initial response for it has been phenomenal and we continue to grow with the help of our trusted partners. If you are interested in becoming a part of our beta testing team, please contact us today to fill out an application.

At Conversion Media Group, we have a long history of owning, operating, and monetizing on call centers. With this experience, we offer call center consulting solutions. If your company is interested in opening a call center or streamlining and extracting value from your current call center, contact us today for any call center solutions!