April 2024
To shoe employees displaying marketing strategies
More students mean more revenue. And chances are, you could use more students, and more revenue. So, if you’re looking to fill more seats or to create a waiting list, the following 7 marketing tips could help you achieve those goals…
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To show students doing online school
The numbers don’t lie. There are roughly 2,500 colleges and universities in the US that offer at least some online learning. And, as of 2022, over 10 million college students were enrolled in at least one online course, a 64% increase over 2010
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To show college student learning
The writing’s been on the wall for over a decade now. College enrollments, for the most part, have generally been on the decline for years. And for schools that only offer on-campus two-year, four-year and postgraduate degrees, the trend may be accelerating, and this is highly concerning.
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To shoe Gen Z students at college campus
If you’re operating a trade school, career-college or vocational/tech academy, the facts revealed in the headlines you’re about to read are probably something you’re already well aware of...
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