May 2023
To show successful graduate
Sustaining and boosting enrollment at career colleges, trade schools and all other institutions of higher education is a science. As such, data has become incredibly important to the process.
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To show a man looking at sales
No matter what kind of business you’re in, growing your customer base is paramount to success. Simply put, if you sell widgets, you need more widget buyers… if you are an institution of higher education, you need more student
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To show adult learning
Recent data released by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center show spring semester enrollments, across all sectors of higher ed, were flat compared to spring 2022. However, some institutions fared better than others.
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To show social media marketing
It’s no secret. Social media has become a major part of the higher education marketing ecosystem. Today more than ever, trade schools, career colleges, tech academies, vocational schools and traditional four-year colleges must embrace and master social media marketing to assure robust enrollment.
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To show successful graduation
And Why More Americans Are Doing This Instead It’s no secret, college is expensive. But just how expensive is it?... and have costs truly grown out of control? Well, According to the latest data, a four-year degree now costs an average 226% more money than it did in 1980.
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To show a trade school/career college
Is your enrollment department flooded with new students? Or are students going to your competitors’ schools instead? If they’re enrolling with the competition, and not you, there may be a big reason why. Your competitors are better at marketing their product.
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