October 2023
To show online communication
When it comes to digital marketing, video is king. Today, more than 40% of all US internet users watch online videos, every day. What’s more, 53% of the key 18-34 demographic for higher education consumes internet video content, every day.
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To show online learning
The world is constantly changing, and so are the needs and desires of today’s prospective career-college/CTE students. And because of these changes, it’s important for your institution to pay close attention to what’s going on…
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To show digital marketing
Can you believe we’re in Q4 already? The year is flying by. But there’s no better time to look forward to 2024 than, well, immediately. You see, most businesses (the forward-thinking ones) have already started their budgeting and marketing plans for at least Q1 of next year. And if you want to stay competitive, you...
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To show woman in college
The gap is widening. Today, a whopping 60% of undergrad students enrolled in institutions of traditional higher education identify as female
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