September 2023
To show a career educator
The numbers are striking. Four million fewer teenagers enrolled in college last year than did in 2012.[1] This, even as the population of US teenagers has grown over the past decade.
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To show data
Data is digital gold. And the more data you have, the richer your business could become. It’s estimated that the internet contains 5 million terabytes of data… about the same amount of information contained in 5-10 trillion books.
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To show lead generation
Let’s assume you have killer sales reps… a team of great openers, and awesome closers. Now think about how much money you’ve invested in generating new leads for them to convert. Then, consider the other side of the coin. The side of the coin where the actual leads are.
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To show college students
Over the past decade, a large percentage of traditional four-year institutions and even two year/community colleges have had difficulties either increasing or maintaining new student enrollment numbers.
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