For Trade Schools, The Trend is Your Friend…If You Know How To Take Advantage, That Is

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You may have seen it. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million or more of us certainly did. Episode 326 of South Park.

It was a “special” episode highlighting the desperate need for skilled labor in the US workforce. It premiered on October 27.

The special went something like this: The town’s “educated” professionals cannot perform basic home repairs, repairs as easy as fixing a door hinge.

These “highly educated” people must all turn to various skilled tradespeople for help, even for the simplest of things.

Meanwhile, the tradespeople have become so in-demand that they can charge anything they like for their services. As a result, they become fabulously wealthy.

A review of the episode by Forbes Magazine called it satire at its finest.[1]

But for many, this piece of “satire” has become real life.

You see, there’s some reality to that episode. The US economy is lacking in skilled tradespeople and a college degree has become less desirable, and perhaps somewhat less useful (as evidenced in the decade long four-year enrollment decline).

Further, those who choose the skilled trades can indeed make a great living.

Now, if you operate a trade school or career college, you know this, and more and more prospective students know this too…

It’s just one reason that “satirical” South Park episode was made in the first place.

However, your school absolutely must take advantage of this trend now, before more competition enters the space, fighting you for new student enrollments.

Because while the trend is your friend, it’s also looking friendly (and attractive) to traditional college institutions.

In a moment, Conversion Media Group will show you how to best your competition and better your chances at winning the enrollment game.

Now, Gregg Vincent, of the Blue Ridge Technical Center, recently told The Northern Virginia Daily…

“I think society has been pushing the idea on students that success equals a four-year college degree for a long time now. As economic and employment conditions change across the country, many are beginning to see the trades and other skilled labor as a viable route to prosperity that does not require financing tens of thousands of dollars in student debt.”[2]

He’s right, South Park is right… and your school is right.

It’s why so many traditional colleges are now dropping some majors and are focusing instead on career-based education programs…

Because that’s what today’s students want.

But even though some of the big schools are getting into the space, creating more competition, you can still beat them in the trade school enrollment game.

Here’s a few tips on how:

Tip #1 Organic Content: Offer highly valuable organic written and video content to increase website visitors. You want to strategize your organic content so prospective students can find you and find you easily. They are searching; you just need to be sure your messaging matches their desires, and their search results put you on the top of the page.

#2 Advertising: For your digital advertising efforts, you’ll need to create high quality landing pages that are dedicated solely to the ad you’re spending money on. If your institution offers courses in welding, auto repair, construction, and plumbing, for example, be certain that your ads for “welding” only go to the landing page for welding courses. The same goes for all of your courses and all your ads.

#3 Paid Social: Don’t forget paid social media marketing. Your institution likely has a social media presence. Your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and other social media pages should have plenty of regular, engaging, and interesting content from your institution. If you’ve got a piece of social content that is resonating, do something as simple as buying the boost. Doing so can be inexpensive and effective.

#4 Utilize Live Transfers: Live transfers are perhaps the best way to boost enrollments. Live transfers are hot, real-time leads that can be handed off to your enrollment department while they’re still on the phone with one of our expert education representatives here at Conversion Media Group.

What makes live transfers so effective is this: Conversion Media Group can do all your lead-generation efforts, all the lead nurturing with continual personalized contact, then the moment they’re ready to hear directly from your institution, we can transfer the call to you, live.

You see, CMG is in continual contact with thousands of potential students. We know they’re interested in furthering their careers with a trade school, career college, bootcamp or tech academy education…

And they want to hear from you.

So, if you’re looking to beat out your competition in the enrollment game, consider making Conversion Media Group your lead-gen and enrollment initiative partner.

It’s what we do!

See exactly what Conversion Media Group can do for you by calling us today at:

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