We’re a Performance Based Digital Agency
With Owned and Operated US Based Contact Centers
Our human capital is our strongest asset. We dig deep into the data to find hidden honey-holes and untapped revenue, while converting fence-sitting prospects into buyers. No matter the product or industry, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to deliver the highest ROI achievable. We Drive High Intent Inquiries and Live Transfers To Exceed Your KPI’s… No Matter What Vertical or Business You Are In!

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Regardless of your industry Conversion Media Group will perform a free exhaustive pre-campaign investigation into what drives your best conversions before we generate a single lead.

Phone Verified Lead Generation

Our courteous and professional US based agents strictly dial expressly opted in records producing highly compliant phone verified leads that convert. Our analytics and methods never stop improving.




Hot Transfers Ready to Purchase

We deliver live consumers in the critical buy decision moment directly to your sales professionals. You’ll reach targeted, seriously interested prospects at the most consequential moment. Hot transfers drive your ROI even higher as they have a lower global cost per new customer acquired.


Web Lead Generation

By combining paid search, social media, email, native ads and social influencing with an ever rotating creative and copy mix we find the blend of sourcing that works for your prospective customer.





Data Analytics

We begin with a historical data review that allows for maximized ROI and a pre-launch road map to success. Our clients partner with us on end to end data sharing to achieve ongoing higher rates of return and better Long Term Value per new customer. With ongoing multi-variate testing and consistent closed-loop data flow, we make data driven decisions to continually optimize for the LTV of your customers.

Digital Marketing and Analytics

We believe that establishing a close relationship with our clients from the get-go is the key to success.

  • Digital MarketingUtilizing decades of experience to hyper target audiences for direct lead generation, generation of opt-ins for call backs or driving inbound click to call inbounds.
  • Contact Center Leads and TransfersWe engage our extensive network of properties to originate opt-in users in all categories and verticals for outbound dials. Our US-based centers start with the best raw materials and apply our deep knowledge of American call-center operations to generate compliant inquiries that have strong, legitimate intent.
  • Analytics Life CycleWe employ pre-launch analytics to get the biggest head start on ROI as possible. Ongoing multi-variate testing is used to fine-tune the process, and continually explore other opportunities that may arise in the data. Constant review of post-delivery conversion and non-conversion data allows us to analyze where improvements can be made, ROI can be increased and where maximum long-term value can be found.

Conversion Media Group Philosophy

At CMG our best customer is a true partner and is willing to share granular level data with us to maximize output as a team. It is in our mutual best interest to create a cradle to grave closed data loop to do deep dives into analytics so that we can make technology enabled, data driven decisions to reach the pinnacle LTV for every customer generated.


The planning phase of multichannel marketing campaigns is often overlooked and underappreciated.

In order for a multichannel marketing campaign to be successful, we find that the planning phase is essential. Every business is different so why shouldn’t your marketing plans be different, too?

Our team of experts within each channel will work together to create a custom plan for your business that sets your company apart from the competition and gives you a higher chance of acquiring more customers.

Customer Acquisition

Our team of experts will research the market and then begin to execute the channels identified as being the best ways for you to succeed. Sometimes this means utilizing your owned and operated web sites and call centers and other times it will mean leveraging our large network of advertisers and call centers.

Either way, the prospects will begin to flow and our team will provide you with the tools necessary to effectively turn a prospect into a customer.

Monetize and Retain

Part of the Conversion Media Group service is assisting companies like yours to monetize on a new lead and retain that new customer to be monetized indefinitely.

Too often, companies are proficient in monetizing a prospect on their primary sale but lack the ability to take advantage of further monetization.

Conversion Media Group has the needed tools to ensure your company generates the full value from your customers while providing excellent service every step of the way.

Check Out What Our Customers Have To Say

We’re proud to still be working with many of the same people that hired us in our early days.

  • “We started working with CMG recently and have been really impressed by their analytical approach and campaign management skills. Our ROI increased by over 50% thanks to all of their hard work. Thank you CMG Team.”

    Stella James
    Chief Technology Officer
  • “We needed phone verified leads for our Solar Campaign and Conversion Media Group came through for us. Set up was easy. Communication was great and the leads started flowing within a couple of days.”

    John S.
    Chief Revenue Officer

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