Spring Enrollment Flat, But Certain Institutions are Thriving 

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Recent data released by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center show spring semester enrollments, across all sectors of higher ed, were flat compared to spring 2022. However, some institutions fared better than others. 

In an interview with Inside Higher Ed, Doug Shapiro, executive director of the NSCRC said in regard to the massive drop in enrollments during the pandemic, “I think stabilization is still pretty much where we are.”[1]  

However, as the NSCRC notes, four-year public university undergraduate enrollment fell by 0.9 percent. Additionally, the number of part-time undergrad students at four-year public institutions dropped by 4.8%.

With the four-year system making up roughly 45% of students, it begs the question: If enrollment is flat (and down yet again at four-year institutions) where are students going?

Well, according to the data, students are still seeking alternatives to the traditional four-year system. Most notably, enrolments at community colleges increased by 2.1%, with enrollment growth continuing in certificate programs; up 5.5% for undergrads and 4.6% for graduates.

Interestingly, the largest enrollment declines at four-year public institutions came among adult learners. Female students, aged 25-29, dropped by 7.5%, while male students in the same age group dropped by 6.2%

Why such a large decline?… and where are adult learners going?

According to a study of 18- to 30-year-olds without college degrees, adult learners find college to be too expensive, but would be willing to pay for an education they know will give them “returns.”[2]

And those returns have come in the form of community college programs, certificate programs and other “career-based” programs.

These programs include trade schools, tech schools, vocational schools, micro-degree programs and other certificate or licensing programs that offer training for specific careers.

Institutions offering programs in these spaces should be thriving right now. However, even here, many schools are falling flat on their enrollment goals. 

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