Social Media Marketing Tips For Higher Education Lead Generation

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It’s no secret. Social media has become a major part of the higher education marketing ecosystem. Today more than ever, trade schools, career colleges, tech academies, vocational schools and traditional four-year colleges must embrace and master social media marketing to assure robust enrollment. 

But just how important has social media marketing become?

Well, Conversion Media Group, master marketers and the nation’s leader in higher-ed lead generation will show you the facts, and offer some tips you can use to help increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.

First, the facts.[1]

A recent Harris poll of 1,000 American consumers showed that 55% learn about new products, brands, or services through social media. 68% say social media helps them directly interact with those organizations. Further, 43% of consumers said they “increased” their use of social media with the purpose of finding new brands, products, or services.  

For institutions of higher education, that means you!

Now, if you haven’t mastered your social media marketing yet, CMG has some quick tips you can employ immediately. 

  1. Obviously, use it: If you’re not using social media to market your school, you simply have to. Your competitors are, and they may be attracting the students that could be enrolling in your programs instead.
  2. Be platform specific: The content and marketing you use on Facebook shouldn’t necessarily be the same format you use on LinkedIn, or TikTok, for example. Study the platforms and tailor your messaging to each one.
  3. Encourage students to post about you: There may be no better champion of your school than your current and past students. You should encourage them to share their stories.
  4. Livestream campus life, and classroom views: Instead of simply using the old school “virtual tour,” you should consider occasionally live streaming the campus, and even get inside of a classroom to show students at work.
  5. Listen to your community: You may be posting on socials often, but you should also be “listening” to what others are saying about your school and your posts. Doing so will greatly help to dial in your messaging.
  6. Reply to all messages: Whenever you get a legitimate message on your socials, you absolutely should reply as soon as possible. Prospective students want to know you’re there for them. Be there.
  7. Use video: Nearly 93% of companies say they’ve increased their customer base (in your case students) by posting engaging video across social media platforms.  
  8. Analyze all of your data: Your social media marketing team should be constantly analyzing data to improve performance. There are 5 basic KPIs they should be keeping track of, and you can see them HERE.

While social media has become an incredibly important part of every institution’s enrollment initiatives, there is, perhaps, an even more effective way to enroll new students into your programs…

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Through the use of our US-based educational lead-focused contact centers (which we own and operate), our online education portal at School Match Pro, and our highly targeted digital marketing efforts, CMG has a distinct ability to generate call verified leads and live transfers directly to your admissions and enrollment departments…

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[1] 7 Stats That Prove the Importance of Social Media Marketing | Sprout Social

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