Leads Vs. Prospects: What’s the Difference and Which Converts Better?

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No matter what kind of business you’re in, growing your customer base is paramount to success. Simply put, if you sell widgets, you need more widget buyers… if you are an institution of higher education, you need more students.

For most businesses, the growth in customer base begins with generating leads. When successfully converted, these leads turn into customers, students, or clients. But not all leads are created equal; some leads are clearly far more superior than others.

Now, there are four basic types of leads, each occupying a different area of the sales funnel. There are dead leads, cold leads, warm leads, and hot leads (or qualified prospects).

Dead leads are pretty much self-explanatory. They are leads that have potentially been passed around for a long while, offer very low response rates and are unlikely to ever convert. These leads, as you may know, are often quite cheap to either generate or purchase. The reason being is they don’t convert; and are often a big waste of money or resources.

Cold leads are potential customers who may not have shown any interest in your products or services but do potentially fit into your ideal customer profile. With a good deal of work, some of these leads can eventually convert, but do so at a fairly low rate.

Warm leads sit deeper in the funnel, are familiar with your products and could be close to becoming a customer. They may have followed your blogs, visited your website multiple times or spoken with one of your enrollment agents or salespeople. They know who you are and just need a little bit of a “push” or two to convert.

Hot leads, or prospects, are ready to go. They’re the highest qualified, highest intent leads there are. These are the most desirable leads and sit at the very bottom of the funnel. With one final reassuring touch point, they convert at the highest rate.

Now, most businesses spend a great deal of time, money and employee resources filling up the funnel with perhaps thousands of leads. The vast majority of that funnel will probably never convert, with most of them, dead and cold leads, dropping out quickly.

With some additional work and resources, the warm leads that have gotten deeper in the funnel may become prospects and eventually convert…

While your hot leads are the prospects at the tip of the spear and are most likely to become clients, customers, or students. But, as you know, prospects only make up a tiny portion of your overall lead/sales funnel.

But what if you could turn your lead funnel into a majority of prospects rather than a majority of dead or cold leads?

Well, you can. And here’s the best way to do it:

Partner with Conversion Media Group. While we can, and do, generate leads through every portion of the sales funnel, we specialize in delivering hot, live transfer leads to our clients.

We specialize in handing you real prospects without you or your sales team needing to spend time and money sifting through dead or cold leads. Instead, they’re freed up to do what they do best.

So, what exactly are live transfer leads, and what makes them the best part of the sales funnel?

Live transfers are real-time leads. People who are interested in buying your product or service or enrolling at your school at that exact moment we have them on the phone.

They know what you have, and you have what they want.

Live transfer leads are curated, nurtured, and heated up by the professional lead generation experts at CMG…. then transferred directly to your sales or enrollment team, live.

Just as they’re prepared to say “yes!”

Now, because your sales team isn’t “busy” cold-calling dead or cold leads, live transfers give them the ability to spend all their time building the business…

Representing the value of your goods or services and converting prospects into buyers.

How does Conversion Media Group create these hot prospects?

We start with individuals that have opted to hear about your specific product, service, or school, and are learning even more about it from our talented representatives.

Those leads are delivered directly into our dialer, in real time. In the course of our conversations, we distinguish and separate those that want to hear from you at a later time from those that want to talk to your sales team immediately.

For those who want to talk to you immediately, we do a live handoff directly to one of your sales agents or enrollment reps.

Why CMG?

We’re known industrywide for having overdelivered, sometimes swamping sales reps with too many live transfer calls. But don’t worry. If we deliver too many live transfer leads, we can always scale back (or you can scale up).

If you’re building your business, looking to increase sales and ROI or need to increase enrollments at your school, live transfer leads are the number one way to do it.  And Conversion Media Group is your number one partner to do it with!

See exactly what Conversion Media Group can do for you by calling us today at 1-800-419-3201 or email us at [email protected].

Or you can contact us HERE and one of our expert, live transfer lead generation experts will get back with you asap.

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