The Alarming Rise in The Cost of A 4- Year Degree…

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And Why More Americans Are Doing This Instead

It’s no secret, college is expensive. But just how expensive is it?… and have costs truly grown out of control? Well, According to the latest data, a four-year degree now costs an average 226% more money than it did in 1980.[1]

Meanwhile, since 1980, average real wages in the US have risen by only 17.5% or so.[2] As a result of this massive disconnect between the cost of a four-year degree and real wages, many Americans have opted out of the four-year system and are instead seeking an alternative education pathway: Career and vocational training.

The Shocking Rise in The Cost of College


While college costs have risen over 200%, and real wages are only up about 18%, more Americans have chosen to attend trade schools, career colleges, tech academies, vocational training or are earning micro degrees as an alternative. 

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