To show welding in technical school
It’s almost spring. High school seniors around the country have begun narrowing down their choices for a post-secondary education and are preparing for the next stage in their lives. It also happens to be Career and Technical Education Month, a fantastic time for postsecondary CTE schools to market themselves to new prospective students.
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To show graduate student
Your enrollment department may have a world of resources at its fingertips. Marketing budgets, advertising campaigns, career day workshops, social media strategists and more. However, you may be sitting on untapped resources as well. Resources that have recently been shown to really help boost enrollments.
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To show business people having meeting
It’s become clear. There is an urgent need for students to consider a technical or career-based education. Our economy is desperately short of skilled workers and now the government has finally taken note. Earlier this month (Nov.) leaders in higher ed, the government and workforce development came together in Norfolk, VA to conduct a CTE...
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To show online learning
The world is constantly changing, and so are the needs and desires of today’s prospective career-college/CTE students. And because of these changes, it’s important for your institution to pay close attention to what’s going on…
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To show college education
In the year prior to the pandemic, the percentage of recent high school graduates who enrolled in college was a fairly robust 66.2%. Although total enrollment has been on the decline for over a decade, this figure was still relatively strong.
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