Leveraging Your Instructors as Enrollment Tools

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Your enrollment department may have a world of resources at its fingertips. Marketing budgets, advertising campaigns, career day workshops, social media strategists and more. However, you may be sitting on untapped resources as well. Resources that have recently been shown to really help boost enrollments.

Now, before we discuss this “untapped” resource, it’s very important to understand that Conversion Media Group is your partner in higher ed enrollment initiatives. Because of our efforts, we’re capable of delivering nearly any number of highly qualified student leads you need, directly to your enrollment representatives. We’ll discuss this more in a moment.

First, we recently wrote how your alumni can be a great driver of new student enrollments, saying “In the world of sales and marketing, your best customers are the ones you already have. For institutions of higher education, this means your alumni.

“While your graduates will not likely re-enroll (unless it’s for an advanced degree or additional course continuation), they are an invaluable resource you should be leveraging to motivate new potential students to enroll.

“You see, your alumni are more than a pool of potential donors or boosters, they represent a success story. A success story that you can tell (with permission, of course) to show your prospects how well your programs can work for them too.

“Research has shown that 90% of people trust what an actual customer says about a business, over what a business says about itself.[1] It’s called testimonials, and in higher education, these are the words of your alumni.”[1]

No matter how much time goes by, this will almost always ring true.

However, there is another resource you have in the classroom that you may not be utilizing for enrollment initiatives… your instructors.

And it doesn’t matter if your institution is in CTE, traditional or online college, your instructors can really help attract new students.

A recent article in Inside Higher Ed, noted how a small college in Washington state saw its student body plummet by 50% between 2011 and 2021. Yet, last year it saw its largest increase in new enrollments in 40 years.[2]

How? Well, as Inside Higer Ed says, “faculty got formally involved in the student recruitment process. Professors attended training sessions with admissions staffers to prepare them for a new role: meeting one-on-one with prospective students.

One faculty member said, “We took care to be respectful of the amazing work they do in admissions and not step on any toes but really learn what we could offer. The learning curve was definitely hard, but in the end, we felt like part of the team.”

Now, it may not be an easy task to “recruit” your own instructors to become enrollment boosters, but once they see the benefits (like the Washington state college did), they’ll likely understand their role in helping your institution not only survive but thrive.

And like we said earlier, it doesn’t matter what kind of institution of higher education you operate, your faculty can and probably should be used to help with admissions.

What’s the big benefit for instructors themselves to help with enrollment?

Well, as the president of that college’s faculty union said, “Saving jobs is our number one priority, and enrollment is really tied to that job security. So, for a while enrollment became [the union’s] number one priority, too.”

A forty-year high in new enrollments is very good evidence that faculty involvement with enrollments works.

But, of course, your enrollment department cannot rely solely on faculty for help. That’s where Conversion Media Group comes in.

We’re higher-ed lead-gen experts who can deliver live, hot transfers directly to you…

Right from our US based contact centers.

Live call transfers are individuals we have on the phone, live, who are ready to speak directly with you, and want to learn more about your programs.

How do we do it? 

Well, we start with individuals that have opted in with us via a multitude of marketing initiatives, to hear about furthering their education.

Those prospective students are delivered directly into our dialer, in real time. We separate those that want to hear from your school at a later time from those that want to talk to your enrollment team immediately.

For those who want to talk to you immediately, we do a live handoff directly to one of your enrollment agents; where in many cases, these prospects are ready to become your students at that very moment.

You see, our job is to find prospective students for you. And find them we do. We have the ability to deliver thousands of hot, live transfer leads every month straight into the phones at your enrollment department. Yes thousands!

So, If you’re looking to increase enrollment at your institution, and cannot rely solely on faculty, live transfer leads are the number one way to do it…

And Conversion Media Group is your number one partner to do it with!

Discover how Conversion Media Group can help boost your enrollments by calling us today at 1-800-419-3201

Or email us at [email protected].

[1] Why Testimonials Are so Important For Your Brand | Wyzowl

[2] When enrollment sags, faculty can lend a hand (insidehighered.com)

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