5 Trends That May Impact Career Educators in 2024

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The world is constantly changing, and so are the needs and desires of today’s prospective career-college/CTE students. And because of these changes, it’s important for your institution to pay close attention to what’s going on…

To assure you’re fully aligned with the times.

You see, while 2023 may have been a good year for many career educators, there are burgeoning trends that could make or break your 2024 enrollment goals: with one trend in particular capable of making or breaking your students’ actual education.

Conversion Media Group, a national leader in higher education enrollment initiatives, has been following various educational trends for years. We’ve helped our clients and partner schools to both navigate new trends, and to take full advantage of them too.

Today, we’re sharing five trends that may impact career educators in 2024…

And one way you can help to better assure your 2024 enrollment goals are not only met, but perhaps even exceeded.

Now, since recent high school grads and adult learners are now demanding a “different” kind of educational experience, these five trends you see below must be taken seriously.

You can’t simply rely on what worked years ago and expect the same results today. So, here’s what to keep in mind:

Students now require educators to adapt to them: Adult learners and recent HS grads embrace the digital experience. Educators must adapt their courses and methods to utilize all the digital learning tools that these prospective students have become accustomed to.

For example, many students now want their live courses to be recorded so they can go back and study them at any given time. If you’re capable of recording classes, be sure you share the link with all of your students. If you don’t record any classes, seriously consider doing so.

Micro degrees and micro credentials will be in high demand: Today’s employers have become more focused on a candidate’s skills than on 4-year degrees. Adult learners are well aware of this and are turning to micro education to help open up bigger job opportunities. They know that earning credentials is often a faster way to a bigger paycheck.

If you’re offering these types of degrees or certifications, 2024 could be a very good year. If you’re not, you should consider how you can implement them.

More hybrid learning:  Even well beyond the pandemic years, more CTE students are now wanting an in-class experience blended with online learning. This is true even for “hands-on” type programs like auto mechanics.

Educators who offer a hybrid blend will likely attract more prospective students; since many of them are working adults who need the flexibility of having at least some online classes available to them.

More virtual simulations: With costs across the board rising, schools that adopt virtual simulation courses or assignments for some hands-on classes may experience better profitability, while still teaching the necessary skills to students.

Moreover, students themselves find that virtual simulations allow them to “feel” like they’re actually working in a professional setting, giving them a better experience of what their career may look like.

Now, we mentioned earlier that there’s one trend that may actually hurt your student’s education (if used improperly), and that’s Ai.

ChatGPT. As Ai becomes more prevalent, students will undoubtedly use it as a shortcut. Educators must address this growing problem directly with students to ensure they’re doing the work.

If students are taking the easy way out, and not doing their assignments themselves, they’re not really learning, their education will not be successful, and your institution may get a bad reputation as a result.

Clearly, your goal is to graduate qualified students. You just have to be sure it’s them doing the work.

Besides adapting to these trends, there’s one way you can help better assure your enrollment goals are met…

And that’s by utilizing Conversion Media Group’s live transfer program.

This powerful enrollment technique may have already surpassed most other higher-ed lead conversion methods of the past. And it could very well be key to your success in 2024.

What are live transfers?

Well, live transfers are prospective students we’re talking with on the telephone, live. They’re ready to take the next step in their education but want to hear what their educational options are.

The moment they’re ready to learn more about your school or its programs, we can transfer the call directly to your enrollment department. Again, live!

This means you don’t have to do lead generation, nurturing, or qualification yourself. Conversion Media Group can do it all for you.

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