The Nine Biggest Benefits of Lead Generation for Higher Ed

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Any school, offering any programs, can only increase their enrollments in one of two ways, and there will likely never be a third way. You can either reenroll old students, or enroll new, first timers.

Now, without a solid strategy for generating new enrollments, you’re setting your school up for failure… as already graduated students, well, they’re highly unlikely to reenroll. This is especially true for career-based training schools that don’t offer advanced degrees or training programs.

But, by concentrating on filling your pipeline with new potential students and analyzing your conversion data carefully and regularly, the size of your student body may not only remain steady, but it could, in fact, expand.

This is why having a strong lead generation and conversion strategy should be your top priority. Because make no bones about it, new student lead-gen is essential to the success of your school. And with Conversion Media Group, boosting your enrollments may have never been so efficient.

You see, no matter what kind of institution of higher education you operate, we have dedicated call center operations and data analytics specialists that can drive highly qualified leads right into your funnel, or into the hands of your enrollment representatives, as live transfers.

As you’re about to see, the benefits of partnering with CMG are enormous.


1: Capture more prospect analytics. With CMG lead-gen efforts, you’ll find more data analysis when the feedback loop is closed, and the relationship is a partnership and not client / publisher centric. Data is the new gold and sharing it with our partners is what drives conversions and turns that gold into platinum.

2: Grow your social presence and your followers: With quality content and communication, valuable information gets in front of your ideal target audience. Once positioned as a leader, your following will grow, and your enrollments along with it.

3: Build institutional awareness: Unless you’re already as visible as Harvard or Yale, your school needs to be more known. Awareness campaigns have been shown to increase interest of prospective new students and keep your school top of mind.

4: Generate new program opportunities: Lead generation doesn’t only lead to new potential students for your existing programs, but can present you with new, untapped opportunities. Proper data analytics, like those used by CMG, can reveal what types of programs your school should be offering, and which it should axe.

5: Expand your reach: CMG lead-gen enables you to learn, through detailed data analysis, how and where you can penetrate existing and new geographical areas. If your school offers online courses, for example, the number of potential students you could have is far larger than if you concentrate your efforts locally alone.

6: Improve prospect quality: CMG’s unique, Edu-specific lead gen techniques can narrow down prospects into a group that are highly likely to convert. Instead of paying dearly for the shot-gun approach to Edu leads that may be worthless, KPI’s can be met and exceeded with CMG. Our live transfers mean leads are more than warmed up, they’re hot and ready to engage with enrollment.

7: Boost revenue: Proper lead-gen techniques and deep data analysis have proven to be among the single greatest revenue boosters for any business; schools included. Messaging, offers, demographics, geography, and prospective student intent must be measured in the most granular way possible. CMG’s data analysis allows you to possibly prove KPI potential… before a single dollar is spent.

8: Eliminate cold lead-calling and emailing: CMG’s expert Edu lead-gen team take the hassle of cold calling and emailing out of your hands. Instead, we put hot, qualified prospective student leads into them. Don’t waste your enrollment department’s time with useless lead sheets and email lists. CMG hands off hot phone leads directly to them so they can do what they do best… represent the value of your school!

9: Automatically receive hot leads: CMG’s phone verified lead-gen, live transfers, web lead-gen and data analytics mean you’ll be receiving hot, ready to talk leads at a rate you once thought was impossible.

It’s been proven over, and over again. Proper lead-generation and conversion techniques coupled with regular data analytics will help to drive enrollments.

Like we said earlier, there’s pretty much only two ways to boost enrollment. You can try to reenroll your grads, or you must get new students into your programs.

To get new students enrolled in your programs, consider partnering with Conversion Media Group.

Enrollment initiatives are our bread and butter.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Conversion Media Group can drive qualified education leads, applications, and enrollments to your institution – call one of our education specialists today at: (+1) 800 419 3201.

Or you can contact us HERE, and an enrollment expert will get back with you as soon as possible.

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