Gen Z is Skipping Traditional College…But There’s a Bright Spot for Career Educators

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The numbers are striking. Four million fewer teenagers enrolled in college last year than did in 2012.[1] This, even as the population of US teenagers has grown over the past decade.[2]

This means there are more kids eligible for college today, yet a smaller percentage of them are attending.

So, what’s changed?

Why, in just a decade, have so many high school graduates turned their backs on college?

And should higher-ed be concerned?

Well, let’s start here:  As you may know, back when there were four million more teens enrolled in college than now (2012), those first-year students were Millennials…

Last year, 2022 (with four million fewer enrollees than 2012), those first-year students were Gen Z.

Clearly, we’re having a generational shift in educational goals. Today, more high schoolers and recent high school grads (Gen Z) are looking elsewhere to obtain marketable skills in the workforce, and yes…

Traditional colleges and universities should be concerned.

In fact, in just the past few years alone, over 100 institutions of higher education have shuttered their doors. One of the most cited reasons for this has been the inability to operate due to the dramatic drop in enrollments the system has been experiencing.[3]

Four million fewer students in just a decade means four million fewer tuition payments into the system.

Of course, there are outliers, with some schools actually thriving. But for many traditional colleges and universities, it’s become clear…

Gen Z isn’t all that interested in going to four-year college.

In a moment we’ll show you what they are interested in, and how your institution can attract them.

But first, there are a number of reasons why (including the cost of attending in-person) Gen Z is choosing other options.

But for many of them, the reason they’re questioning the value of a four-year college is because they’re uncertain about job prospects after graduating.

As a recent article in Business Insider notes, “Four years after graduating, according to recent data from the Higher Education Authority, a third of students earn less than $40,000 — lower than the average salary of $44,356 that workers with only a high-school diploma earn.”[4]

Gen Z knows this, and simply doesn’t see the value of going to college when they have friends earning just as much money without the associated debt and study time.

However, Gen Z will go to college if they are sure they’ll get a good job after graduating. That’s their goal.

See, Gen Z wants an education that leads directly to a career.

Or, as Business Insider put it, “They’re not as interested in the typical “college experience” — whiling away four years rooming with friends and drinking at frat parties….

“The focus now, especially in the midst of so much uncertainty in the economy, is on using college to prepare for a single, overriding goal: getting a good job.”[5]

Conversion Media Group, a national leader in higher education enrollment initiatives, has shown you why a career-based education is now a top priority for Gen Z…

Getting a job.

And now we’ll show you how you can boost enrollments of GenZ’s (and Millennials) at your institution.

Whether you’re a four-year institution, two-year institution, career college, tech academy or trade school. It doesn’t matter. We know how to boost enrollments.

You see, CMG is in constant personal and one-on-one contact with thousands of students, adult learners, Millennials and Gen Z who are looking for an educational pathway that leads directly to a job.

Some of the people we speak with want to earn a four-year degree, but want to learn online, from home, and at their own pace.

Others want to enter the trades, are looking for vocational schools and want to begin a career as soon as possible…

While others are looking for micro degrees that can give them the credentials to get a job, immediately after finishing the program.

Now, because of the volume of prospective students we speak with, we are capable of directing perhaps hundreds of prospective students to your programs; to boost your enrollment.

Our goal for you is to help you buck the declining enrollment trend. To become one of the outliers.

Here’s how we do it:

Conversion Media Group is the owner and operator of US-based contact centers.

Through our digital marketing efforts, we generate highly qualified, highly vetted higher-ed leads. Leads that we can deliver to your enrollment reps for them to initiate first phone contact with.

Or, what’s better, we can nurture these leads beforehand, then hand them off directly to you in the “micro-moment” they’re ready to speak with you in person.

See, we constantly have a massive volume of prospective students on the phone. Real prospects with real educational goals. Once they show a genuine interest in your institution or programs, we can transfer them directly to your enrollment department, live…

While they’re on the phone with us and wanting to learn more about you.

This is called a live transfer.

With live transfers, we could potentially increase your enrollments by 50, 100, 1,000 new students or more. It all depends on how many new enrollments you’re looking for.

Enrollment initiatives are our bread and butter.

So, If you’re interested in learning more about how Conversion Media Group can drive qualified education leads, applications, and enrollments to your institution – call one of our education specialists today at: (+1) 800 419 3201.

Or you can contact us HERE, and an enrollment expert will get back with you as soon as possible.

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