You Have Plenty of Leads…But Why Aren’t They Converting?

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Let’s assume you have killer sales reps… a team of great openers, and awesome closers. Now think about how much money you’ve invested in generating new leads for them to convert. Then, consider the other side of the coin. The side of the coin where the actual leads are.

Now, ask yourself these questions:

You have a great sales team, but do the products or services your business provides, and the leads you generate, even belong on the same coin?

Are you generating leads that have even a modicum of interest in what it is that you sell?

Or, more simply put, are your leads actually qualified? Can they even be closed at all?

Unfortunately, if you’re converting at a low rate, especially with a great sales team, chances are you’re spending a whole lot of time and money on leads that are completely unqualified.

Leads that do not belong on the “other side of your coin,” or perhaps on any coin at all, for that matter.

You see, only about a quarter of all leads you’ve either generated yourself or hired someone else to generate for you may actually be interested in what it is that you’re selling…

Meaning up to three quarters of those “leads” want nothing to do with you.

Yet, you’re paying for 100% of them.[1] The Good, the bad, and the ugly.

Of course, you’ve probably already built this “extra” cost into your ROI calculations, but what if there ware a way to increase the percentage of qualified leads vs. truly unqualified leads…

A way to free up your killer sales reps to spend their time closing leads, rather than wasting time contacting the garbage 3/4?

In a moment, Conversion Media Group will show you a better way to assure your leads are fully qualified and ready to buy…

Even before anyone from your sales team makes contact.

But first, why aren’t your leads converting?

Well, as we noted earlier, most leads are simply not qualified. In fact, a study from HubSpot showed that 73% of all leads, seemingly regardless of how they’re generated, are complete garbage; and only 27% of leads are actually qualified, and “sales ready”.[2]

This means that for every dollar you spend on a lead, about 73 cents of it is wasted.

Unfortunately, since lead generation is such a huge part of every company’s sales cycle, you can’t simply stop generating and marketing to new leads just because most of them are of very poor quality.

You have to take the bad and ugly along with the good…


Not so fast.

You see, there is, in fact, a way to increase the percentage of qualified leads over garbage leads; to free up your “closers” to do what they do best… to close.

How’s this?

Well, simply partner with Conversion Media Group. We take care of all the lead generation, nurturing and warming up needed to fully qualify leads. And once they’re fully and truly qualified, we can hand them off to your sales team, live.

Yes, live while we still have them on the phone.

It’s called a live transfer.

These are leads that are ready to take the next step and potentially say “yes.”

And because of the vast amount of calls we make, we can generate live transfer leads for almost any business, in almost any vertical, at almost any volume!

With Conversion Media Group’s live transfers, your sales team can reduce the amount of time it takes contacting dead or unqualified leads, and instead spend that time on the phone actually closing.

Don’t waste 73 cents on the dollar with your lead gen. Instead, partner with CMG!

If you’re interested in learning more about live transfers, simply contact us today by calling 1-800-419-3201 or email us at [email protected].

Or you can drop us a message HERE and an expert in lead generation will get back with you ASAP.

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[2] Unqualified Leads are the Biggest Waste of Time in Sales | Clickback

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