Analyzing Current Quarterly Data Can Help DriveBetter Quality Leads and ROI

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Data is digital gold. And the more data you have, the richer your business could become. It’s estimated that the internet contains 5 million terabytes of data… about the same amount of information contained in 5-10 trillion books.[1]

That’s a lot of data. However, consumer habits change rapidly. So older data becomes obsolete quickly, while newer data gives you a better picture of what’s happening right now.  Simply put, the newer the data, the more insights it could have for future growth.

Here are 5 ways Proper Analysis of This Quarter’s Data Can Help
Drive Higher Quality Leads and ROI in The Next Quarter

1 – Boost Brand Awareness: Your current quarterly data tells you exactly who your most recent and ideal customers and prospects are. It tells you which way the wind is blowing. Build a model off of current data to brand-market a lookalike audience next quarter.

2 – Create Greater Customer Engagement: By examining data on this quarter’s customers, you can create offers and messaging that’s highly relevant to new prospects. More relevancy means more engagement. More engagement leads to more prospects turning into customers.

3 –Development of New Products and Services: By digging deep into your customer data from this quarter, not only can you build an archetype for new leads, but you can see exactly which types of products and services you should be offering next, and which ones are no longer in vogue.

4 – Lower Lead and Conversion Costs: The more you dig into this quarter’s data, the more you’ll learn about your current customers and their current desires. By modeling your most recent customer data, and targeting leads that closely mirror this recent data, your lead-gen and conversion costs could fall dramatically.

5 – Increased Sales, Revenue and ROI: A data driven approach to sales, marketing and lead generation will increase both front end and back–end sales, while boosting revenue and ROI. Dissecting your most current quarterly data tells you not only what happened over the last three months, but what could happen over the next three.

No matter what business or vertical you’re in, proper analysis of your most
recent data is essential to future success. Conversion Media Group performs extensive, data-driven investigations for our clients to help them drive ROI.
And we can do it for you too! Simply visit:

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