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You’d better be quick. Attention spans are dropping and your opportunity to get your message across to your target audience has shrunk to an all-time low. Today, people demand very short, informative, and fun content; content, even marketing content, that’s no longer than a minute long.
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Earlier this year, Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW) released a research report on the benefits of a higher education.[1] For many professionals in higher ed, the results were quite obvious. Students who pursue (and complete) a “traditional” bachelor’s degree program generally have much better jobs-related outcomes than those who do not.
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It’s no secret that many traditional colleges and universities have been struggling with enrollments for over a decade now. In fact, it’s gotten so difficult that some institutions have either had to cut degree programs or close down all together. But recent data on enrollment numbers have given many institutions a glimmer of hope.
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