2023’s Most “Obvious” Higher-Ed Research Report Showcases the Need For Alternatives…

Here’s The Most “Obvious” Way To Take Advantage

Earlier this year, Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW) released a research report on the benefits of a higher education.[1] For many professionals in higher ed, the results were quite obvious. Students who pursue (and complete) a “traditional” bachelor’s degree program generally have much better jobs-related outcomes than those who do not.

But while this is obvious to higher education professionals, it’s not necessarily what students want. You see, students have begun bucking “tradition” and have become more aware of alternatives to the four-year pathway.

And, as the report shows, these alternatives (see below) are offering good outcomes as well.

Now, while this may not be the best news for traditional higher ed, it is great news for many others, especially those focusing on the alternatives.

You see, for institutions with two-year programs, online degrees, career-based or vocational programs and certificate programs (the alternatives), demand for your services is on the rise; and students have become perhaps more interested than ever before in pursuing this type of path.

In a moment, Conversion Media Group will show you how to better ensure your institution, regardless of its focus or programs, can take advantage of this rising student interest in an “alternative” education. And we’ll show you the most obvious way to help boost your enrollments.

First, let’s look at some of the highlights of the CEW report, and its brief summary in Higher Ed Dive:[2]

Anthony Carnevale, director at CEW and report author said, “Our research clearly indicates that the bachelor’s degree is still the most traveled pathway to a good job. But through this work, we also find there are alternative pathways to good jobs through career and technical education (CTE) and work experience.”


Higher Ed Dive summarized the report saying, “Georgetown researchers developed a policy simulation model that identified turning points in young adults’ lives that can elevate them to good jobs.

“Several of those focus on educational attainment, like starting a certificate or associate degree by age 22 or earning a bachelor’s degree by age 26 after previously working toward a certificate or associate degree…

“Other turning points center on workforce development, such as specializing in career and technical education in high school and working a blue-collar job at age 22.”

Like we said earlier, today’s high school students, and adult learners alike, are turning their attention away from “tradition” and towards a career-based education. The very kind of education that the CEW report shows can lead to good jobs… often much faster and far more inexpensive than earning a four-year degree.

Today’s students know this.

But competition to enroll these students has grown fierce. In fact, the student mindset has changed so much that traditional four-year institutions themselves have begun offering shorter, career-based programs to attract them.

So, how can your institution take advantage? How can you boost enrollments even in this competitive environment?

Well, that’s where Conversion Media Group comes in. Not only do we have our finger on the pulse of the higher ed industry, but we have our finger on the pulse of the students themselves.

See, we’re in continual contact with thousands of prospective students every week. Students that are looking for and considering an alternative to the traditional four-year pathway.

These prospective students tell us, over the phone, exactly what they’re looking for in higher education and are excited to get their new life started. All they need to do next is to talk with your enrollment department.

How can they do that? How can the prospective student we talk with chat with your enrollment representatives?

Well, we can do what’s called a live transfer. This is when we transfer our phone conversations, conversations with real prospective students, directly to your enrollment representatives, live. A handoff if you will.

CMG gets the prospective students warmed up to your offerings, then hands them off to you the moment they’re interested in learning more about you.

Meaning that with CMG as your enrollment partner, you can take better advantage of the new student interest in alternative educations…

And boost your enrollments!

While the results of the CEW report are obvious, and prospective student interest in alternative educational pathways is obvious…

Making CMG your enrollment partner should be obvious too.

Give us a call at 1-800-419-3201 or email [email protected] and we’ll show you exactly how.

[1] What Works: Ten Education, Training, and Work-Based Pathway Changes That Lead to Good Jobs – CEW Georgetown

[2] Higher ed can help more young adults get good jobs by age 30, report finds | Higher Ed Dive

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