adult education
To show college education
In the year prior to the pandemic, the percentage of recent high school graduates who enrolled in college was a fairly robust 66.2%. Although total enrollment has been on the decline for over a decade, this figure was still relatively strong.
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To show a Tiktok being made
$226 billion. That’s how much money businesses are expected to spend on social media platforms this year, up 30% over 2022[1]. This is a staggering amount of money when you consider that’s about $30 worth of ads for every single person on the planet.
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To show college students
Universities are in crisis mode. From 2019 to 2022, undergraduate enrollment at four-year institutions dropped by 8%. Further, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been no greater 5-year slide in the college-going rate, on record.
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To introduce a theme of the infographic: online education
With so many technological advancements now taking hold, and the needs and desires of adult learners quickly changing, there are a number of trends that career educators should be aware of for 2023. By staying on top of these trends and utilizing a powerful enrollment boosting technique, you can assure your institution has a banner...
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Adult Learners
“Future Finder Challenge” Hopes to Reimagine Career Navigation For Adult Learners With the acknowledgement that up to 43 million Americans could greatly benefit from further adult education, the US Dept. of Education has launched stage one of its “Future Finder Challenge.” The Challenge, which will offer $1 million in rewards to those who submit prototypes...
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