7 Trends That Will Impact Career Educators in 2023

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7 Trends That Will Impact Career Educators in 2023

With so many technological advancements now taking hold, and the needs and desires of adult learners quickly changing, there are a number of trends that career educators should be aware of for 2023. By staying on top of these trends and utilizing a powerful enrollment boosting technique, you can assure your institution has a banner year!

7 – Students now require educators to adapt to them: Adult learners have become accustomed to the digital experience. Educators must adapt their courses and methods to utilize all the digital learning tools adults now expect.

6 – Micro degrees and micro credentials will be in high demand: With employers now concerned more about skills than 4-year degrees, adult learners are turning to a focused micro education to help further their careers.

5 – A Stronger shift to hybrid learning: Post pandemic,more students are now wanting an in-class experience blended with online learning. Educators who offer this blend will likely attract more students.

4 – A rise in virtual simulations: With costs across the board rising,schools that adopt virtual simulation courses or assignmentsfor some hands-on classes may experience better profitability, while still teaching the necessary skills to students.

3 – ChatGPT and other Ai must be addressed: As Ai becomes more prevalent, students will undoubtedly use it as a shortcut. Educators must address this growing problem directly with students to assure they’re doing the work.

2 – Layoffs and a slowing economy:  There have already been mass layoffs in 2023, and many expect the economy to soften. As a result, more adults will be looking to boost their skillsets and enhance their education.

1 – Live transfers will rule the roost: This powerful enrollment technique may have already surpassed most other educational lead conversion methods of the past. In 2023, live transfers may become the single highest converting channel there is.

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