Easy to Implement Digital Lead Gen Strategies for 2024

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Can you believe we’re in Q4 already? The year is flying by. But there’s no better time to look forward to 2024 than, well, immediately. You see, most businesses (the forward-thinking ones) have already started their budgeting and marketing plans for at least Q1 of next year. And if you want to stay competitive, you should too.

Of course, every business, in any vertical should not only be planning their marketing and advertising strategies right now, but they should also be concentrating on their lead-gen strategies as well. Because the pipeline matters.

See, by flooding your sales pipeline with qualified leads, you’re upping your chances at converting them into customers (or students) and giving your sales or enrollment team plenty of contacts to work with into Q1.

Conversion Media Group knows how important qualified leads are, firsthand.

As experts in data analysis, lead generation and conversions, we’ve seen exactly how the American consumer’s habits and media consumption have changed over the years…

And we know what they’re paying attention to, right now. We know how to best reach them, right now. And we know how to best convert them into customers or students, right now.

Today, we’ll share a few fast and easy tips on lead generation to help better ensure a strong Q1 in 2024.

Ready? …

Video content is King. Be sure you’re creating good, fun, and informative video and podcast content if you can, because it’s killing it!

Now, just like SEO for Google search, you’ll want your videos and podcasts to rank high on page one. YouTube, for example, uses channel keywords (as well as their interactivity algorithms) to rank your videos.

Optimize your channel/podcast description, topic descriptions and categories with keywords that show what your business does, and, importantly, match them to what your prospects are searching for.

When properly optimized, you can boost the rankings of individual videos or podcasts, or even your entire channel.

Written content is also… killing it.

You’ll also want to use good, written content marketing and have a strong SEO strategy to get it noticed, organically. All your written content should answer questions of your prospects and offer free actionable advice…

Just like video, free advice in your written content will be a major part of lead generation in 2024. The more you’re trusted with the “free” advice, the better the chance you’ll be trusted for paid advice.

As with all your content, video or otherwise, never forget to magnetize it, to illicit some sort of response. Hopefully, that response leads directly to the voluntary capture of your prospects contact info.

Increase your email open rates and personalize your sends. This is especially true for generating new leads via email list rentals.

The owner of the list you rent likely has enough data on their customers to personalize your email sends. Every email you send, if possible, should address your prospects by name.

It’s been proven that personalizing emails, even by just using the recipients first name in the subject line, can increase open rates by an astounding 327%.[1]

Keep pounding away on social media… with good content. It wasn’t that long ago that social media meant “Facebook.” But now, there’s dozens of highly effective social channels that you should be using for lead gen… Including video platforms outside of YouTube (think Instagram, X and TikTok and others). You should consider implementing a social media CCM software system to help streamline the process.

It’s almost 2024. You absolutely must be sure your website has a modern design and functionality. The user experience must be so simple that anyone could navigate it. It has to be fast, mobile optimized, and capable of capturing user data (the legal way).

Oh, and don’t forget to re-market your website visitors that hadn’t filled out any forms or provided email addresses to you. See, by re-marketing these visitors, you’re upping your chances of re-piquing their interest, and getting that form fill, phone number or email addy.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more to lead gen than just this, and data analysis is a big part of it, but these quick and easy tips should be a good starter for you.


If you’re looking for more actionable lead generation strategies or have questions regarding lead gen, data analysis and the conversion metrics and KPIs you should know for 2024…

We’re more than happy to help!

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[1] Email Marketing Best Practices & Strategy I Learnt After Sending 2,049,567 Emails (leadsquared.com)

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