Video Content Strategies for 2024

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Video Content Strategies for 2024

When it comes to digital marketing, video is king. Today, more than 40% of all US internet users watch online videos, every day. What’s more, 53% of the key 18-34 demographic for higher education consumes internet video content, every day.[1]

And… A whopping 52% of all internet users are more likely to share video content than any other kind of content.[2] So, like we said, when it comes to marketing… Video is King!

2024’s Video Content Strategies You Should Implement Now:

  • Personalize your content: Know your audience, know your prospects, and create content that resonates with them as individuals.

  • Use social media stories: Video has 135% more engagement than static imagery. And by using stories, you’reshowing your brand “personality.”[3]

  • Optimize for Search: Just like your written content, you absolutely must optimize your video content for organic traffic.

  • Go Live: Live streaming video content has become huge. A Facebook study showed live video is 2x more engaging than pre-recorded.[4]

  • Longform Vlogs: While shortform video is great for branding, longform is much better for storytelling, educating and fostering engagement.

  • Use Your Phone: As crazy as it may seem, video content created on your smartphone comes across as more authentic and more spontaneous.

  • Go Virtual: Create videos that can be viewed on AR/VR devices. The user experience of these videos can be astounding.

  • Use Captions: Up to 80% of consumers say they’re more likely to watch videos to completion if they have captions.[5]

No matter what business or vertical you’re in, proper video content strategies are essential to your success.

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