Call Centers vs. Contact Centers

To show a call center employee

Call centers and contact centers may seem like interchangeable terms. However, as you’re about to see, they are quite distinct. Each one functions differently, has employees with vastly different skillsets, and offers businesses specific solutions to specific problems.

Fundamentally Speaking, Here Are The Differences Between Call Centers and Contact Centers

FunctionCall CentersContact Centers
Customer Service
Inbound Calls
Outbound CallsX
Outbound SMS TextX
Instant ChatX
Video ChatX
Social Media ContactX
Email ContactX
Lead GenerationX
Lead NurturingX
Live Lead TransfersX
Marketing ServicesX
Sales DrivenX
ROI DrivenX
Specially Trained AgentsX

As you can see, traditional call centers do not offer the same services as contact centers. Call centers are used mostly for customer service, and agents are trained at handling incoming customer issues, and that’s usually about it.

However, contact centers offer a far more encompassing business solution, including outgoing contact, lead generation, lead nurturing and live lead transfers. Agents at contact centers are highly trained in sales and two-way communication with a laser focus on ROI.

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