Lead Gen and Conversions: The Top 11 Infographics of 2023

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2023 was a great year for lead generation and conversions. Many CMG clients, especially those in higher education, saw fantastic lead generation and conversion results, and an increase in new student enrollments.  But while 2023 was a good year, Conversion Media Group partners may very well expect to 2024 to be just as good… or even better!

Here Are The Top 11 Infographics of 2023
That Will Still Be Important in 2024

1 – The 7 Tips For Hiring a Contact Center to Deliver High Response EDU Leads

2 – The 7 Most Searched Trades in Each State: Why You Should Geotarget

3 – The 7 Trends That Are Impacting Career Educators

4 – Call Centers vs. Contact Centers: What You Need to Know

5 – Interesting Search Data Enrollment Departments Should Be Aware OF

6 – The 9 Skilled Trade Programs Adult Learners Are Searching For

7 – 8 Post-Pandemic Statistics for Online Colleges and Universities

8 – 11 Social Media Metrics Your Marketing Team Should Pay Attention To

9 – 5 Reasons Why You MUST Analyze Current Quarterly Data

10 – 8 Video Content Strategies to Employ ASAP

11 – 6 Digital Marketing Mistakes You MUST Avoid

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