When Hiring a Contact Center to Curate and Deliver High Response Education Leads…

Be Absolutely Certain its Agents Have These Skills

Hiring a contact center to generate education leads to boost enrollment at your higher education facility can be a daunting task. You may be considering the differences in pricing, differences in the locations (US vs near-shore vs off-shore) and the differences in lead quality the contact center has promised you.

However, one thing you must consider before partnering with a contact center is this: Are their agents highly trained and laser focused on the task at hand?  To know for sure, you’ll want to be certain the agents have the following skills:

1: They’re Problem Solvers – Great agents realize their job is to help solve someone else’s problem. In the case of higher-ed, it’s offering varying solutions to furthering one’s education to advance a career path or start a new one altogether!

2: They’re Optimistic – The best agents always come across as highly optimistic. But their optimism must always be focused on the lead, not on themselves.

3: They’re Empathetic – When talking with leads, your contact center agents must create rapport, and validate the needs, desires, and life situations of their leads.

4: They’re Team Players – The contact center you hire should have agents that not only partner for your benefit but strive for synergy with the leads as well in order to generate the best school match for that prospect’s needs.

5: They’re Calm, Cool & Collected – Everyone has bad days. But great agents never take their bad day to the office. Instead, they address the needs of the leads.

6: They’re Well Trained – You should only consider hiring a contact center whose agents can easily stay on script as well as navigate the systems their center employs to get the best match for each and every individual prospect.

7: They’re Great Communicators – It goes without saying, contact center agents must be phenomenal communicators, and it all begins with listening to, empathizing with, and keeping the focus on solving the leads educational needs.

Before hiring a contact center to curate and deliver your education leads, always ask them about their agents, always! In fact, you may even ask to interview a few of them too! They are the most important part of any contact center, and their skill level is key to meeting your enrollment goals.

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