The Most Searched Trades in Each State and Why Career Educators Should Geo-Target Them

Five years’ worth of data now reveal which trades are the most searched in each state.[1] This means that if your institution offers a skills-based education, you should be focusing your new student enrollment efforts on where your potential new students live and offer them what they’re looking for!

Here are the most searched trade jobs by state

AL – Medical Sonographer

AK – Paramedic

AZ – Locksmithing

AR – Dental Assistant

CA – MRI Technician

CO – Ranch Manager

CT – Hairdressing, Beauty

DE – Paramedic

DC – Chef, Culinary

FL – Animal Husbandry

GA – Clinical Lab Technician

HI – Chef, Culinary

ID – Animal Caretaker

IL – Police Officer

IN – Radiation Therapist

IA – Farm Manager

KS – Carpet Installer

KY – Radiation Therapist

LA – Pipefitter

ME – Machinist

MD – IT Support Specialist

MA – Mason

MI – Auto Mechanics

MN – Machinist

MS – Dental Assistant

MO – Auto Mechanics

MT – Iron Worker

NE – Baker, Culinary

NV – Auto Mechanics

NH – Machinist

NJ – Train Driver

NM – Ironworker

NY – Painter

NC – Cardiovascular Technician

ND – Ironworker

OH – Machinist

OK – Wind Turbine Tech

OR – Electrician

PA – HVAC Installer

RI – Graphic Designer

SC – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

SD – Paramedics

TN – Dental Assistant

TX – Medical Sonographer

UT – Web Developer

VT – Carpentry

VA – Criminal Investigator

WA – Electrician

WV – Respiratory Therapist

WI – Machinist

WY – Plumber

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[1] The Most Popular Trade Jobs in Every U.S. State – Deputy

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