Adult Learners Are Searching For These 9 Skilled Trade Programs, Right Now!

The cat’s out of the bag. More and more high school grads and adult learners are turning to skilled trades and career educations over traditional four-year programs. 

Now, according to the latest data, they’re searching for trades based on salary potential. So, if you’re a career college, trade, or vocational school, and you offer these programs (or any others for that matter), you should be seeing a big boost in enrollments.  

But if you’re struggling with enrollments, there is one surefire way to boost them. We’ll get to that in a moment.

First, the 9 trades that are being heavily searched, right now.

Boilermakers and welders


Elevator and Escalator Installers

Industrial Machinery Mechanics



HVAC Technicians

Aircraft Mechanics

Civil Engineering Techs

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