Online College Statistics, Post-Pandemic…And How to Boost Your School’s Enrollment

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According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, there were 14 million college students (75% of them) enrolled online during the height of the pandemic.[1]

Yet, even post-pandemic, the number of students currently learning online, and those who are looking for online learning opportunities remains very strong. However, the competition to enroll new students is fiercer than ever.

Here are some statistics your enrollment department should be aware of, and one great way to help increase your online student body:[2][3][4]

57 Million: The number of online learners expected by 2027.

40%: The percentage of Fortune 500 companies who take advantage of online courses for their employees.

70%: The percentage of students who say online learning is better than in-person learning.

$457.8 Billion: The expected global online learning market forecast value by 2026.

900%: The growth in online learning since the year 2000.

12.49%: The expected compound annual growth rate in revenue, to 2027, for the online schooling industry.

32: The average age of an online student, globally.

$74 Billion: The current revenue generated by US-based online educators.

While the growth in online learning and associated revenues is astounding, the competition to enroll new students has never been this great.

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