5 KPIs Your Social Media Managers Should Be Keeping Track Of…

Especially if You’re in The Career Education Space

If you’re in the career and technical education (CTE) space, now may be the best time in decades to boost your enrollments. With millions of skilled jobs available in the employment market, and a massive influx of adult learners looking to increase their labor value, career education has become the go-to space for millions of Americans.

In fact, according to CareerTech.org, “In total, some 12.3 million students are enrolled in CTE programs across the country.”[1]

But perhaps even more impressive, 51% of millennials and 31% of gen-Xers want to learn new, marketable skills.[2] That’s over 56 million Americans looking to upskill!

While this is fantastic news for CTE educators, it must be noted that competition for new students has become fierce. So, in order for your institution to attract the most and best matched students possible, your social media presence, and how you measure your key performance indicators, must be superior to your competitors.

Of course, you already know you should be regularly creating informative and enticing content, and reaching out directly to new prospective students as often as possible (more on this in a moment)…

But with 90% of all Americans using social media, and 72.4% of adults on Facebook alone, the performance of your social media truly matters.[3]

By measuring five simple social media KPIs, your marketing team can quickly tell you if your social presence is effective, or not. Better, you can tell what you need to change about your messaging, and how to change it.

With this in mind, here’s five quick and easy KPIs your social media managers should be tracking:

  1. Page Likes and Followers: Clearly, you want to keep track of your followers and page likes. If you’re continually increasing your number of followers and page likes, it’s a good sign your content is on the mark. You’ll want to be sure your month-over-month growth with this KPI is on an upward trend. If you’re losing followers or fewer people are liking your page, you have to switch gears.

  2. Reach: Keeping track of this KPI, the total number of unique accounts that were exposed to your content or posts, allows you to see how your “branding” efforts are working. But without proper targeting, and engagement, reach isn’t all that meaningful if the audience isn’t interested.

  3. Impressions: This KPI measures how many times a post showed up in a prospects feed. Of course, it doesn’t mean that prospect saw your post, it only means it was available for viewing. If your impressions are high, but engagement is low, your content is running adrift.

  4. Tags and Mentions: Getting tagged or mentioned means your school/content is getting talked about. Of course, mentions could be good or bad. You’ll want to not only measure this KPI regularly but check in on what’s being said about you and adjust your messaging if necessary.

  5. Engagement: Perhaps the most important KPI, engagement carries a lot of weight. These are likes, comments and shares. The more engagement you’re receiving, the stronger your content and messaging is. Better, by continually increasing your engagement KPI, social platforms will reward you with even more attention.

Social media has become a necessary platform for getting your message out there and growing enrollments. But perhaps far more effective than social media, or any media for that matter, is reaching out directly to prospective students.

This is where Conversion Media Group excels.

You see, although highly engaged in it, CMG goes far beyond social media marketing and can connect your institution directly with high-intent adult learners. Learners who are actively looking for an institution who can give them the skills they need to succeed.

We call this marketing method “hot live transferring.”

Hot live transfers are real-time leads. People we’ve nurtured through social, email SMS text, opt-in marketing through display and more. They’re prospective students that we physically have on the phone, and they want to talk directly with you about furthering their education.

Many of whom are ready to enroll ASAP!

Now, you may not be familiar with this kind of education marketing if you’ve only been generating leads online. But Conversion Media Group has perfected it, has developed our own in-house unique KPIs to refine it… and believe it to be a science!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Conversion Media Group can drive qualified education leads, applications, and enrollments to your institution…

Simply call (+1) 800-419-3201 and one of our education specialists will answer any questions you may have.

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[2] Workplace learners: new skills learning 2021 | Statista

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