The Top 9 “Quick-View” Metrics to Watch Before Performing Deeper Analysis of Your Marketing Data

The easiest way to tell whether your marketing efforts are working or not, is by looking at your quick-view data, or the non-granular data that indicates the obvious… You’re either killing it, or you’re failing miserably.

9: Email Open Rates: Are open rates and CTRs changing? Why?

8: Website Traffic: Is your traffic increasing, decreasing… staying steady?

7: Social Media Engagement: Are people engaging with your content, ignoring it?

6: Cost Per Click: Is the CPC on your ads increasing? If so, why?

5: Retention Rate: Are your customers loyal or are they one-timers?

4: Conversion Rates: Increasing? Decreasing? Nonexistent?

3: ROAS: Making more money than you spend on ads? Or losing your shirt?

2: Sales Revenue: Is revenue up for the month, or is it slipping?

1: Total ROI: Making enough profit across channels to continue operating?

Every Quick View Metric Has Granular Data Within

Take a look at your quick view data as often as possible. If you see negative trends developing in any or all of them, you should dig deeper into the granular data of the failing metric, or metrics, to discover why… and hopefully right the ship.

Looking for Advice on How to Analyze Your Granular Data So You Can Boost Total Conversions, Sales, and ROI?

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