The Best B2C Digital Lead Gen Strategies for 2023

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The Best B2C Digital Lead Gen Strategies for 2023

As we approach the fourth quarter of 2022, the savviest businesses have already begun planning their business-to-business marketing and lead gen strategies for 2023. And you should too.

But why now? Well, it’s simple, really. Early preparation will give you a major advantage over your competition. As they say, the early bird gets the worm!

Now, your efforts should concentrate on flooding your sales pipeline and marketing funnel with new, qualified leads. You’ll want leads that are hot and ready to buy the moment they’re handed to your sales or digital marketing team.

Of course, it’s not that simple. Conversion Media Group knows this firsthand.

As experts in data analysis, lead generation and conversions, we’ve seen precisely how the consumer has changed over the years, what they used to pay attention to, what they’re paying attention to now, how, and when to best reach them…

How to turn them into qualified leads…

And how to convert them into buyers.

Today we’ll share some of our tips on B2C lead generation that you should concentrate on now to ensure a strong 2023.


The first thing you should be looking at, is creating good, fun, and informative video and podcast content. YouTube is the world’s second ranked search engine behind only Google. It gets 22.8 billion monthly visits.[1]

Use it.

But using YouTube for video ads alone is not your best bet. You’ll want to create a channel dedicated to your products or services and offer viewers free information they can use (while plugging your business, of course). But remember, your content must offer free advice that viewers are looking for. Channels that are solely used as pitch platforms don’t last, don’t convert and are a waste of your resources.

Now, just like SEO for Google search, you’ll want your videos to rank high on page one. YouTube uses channel keywords (as well as their interactivity algorithms) to rank your videos.

Your channel description, video topic descriptions and categories should all be optimized for keywords that show what your business does, and what your prospects are searching for. When properly optimized, you can boost the rankings of individual videos or your entire channel.

The higher the ranking, the more views. The more views, the more leads. The more leads, the more conversions.

You get the picture.

You’ll also want to use good content marketing materials and have a strong SEO strategy. All your written content should answer questions of your readers and offer free actionable advice. Just like video, free advice in your written content will be a major part of B2C lead generation in 2023.

Like we said earlier, Google is the world’s biggest search engine and their parent company, Alphabet, Inc., also owns YouTube. By creating awesome, informative and keyword rich content, you can get your brand in front of prospects without paying for ads.

Believe it or not, good content marketing can generate 3 times more leads for B2C businesses than other inbound marketing efforts.[2]

Use it.

Increase your email open rates. You likely have enough data on your current customers to personalize your email sends. Every email you send, if you do have the data and a proper email system and specialist, should address your customers by name.

When renting an email list from a third-party to generate new leads, be sure they have a dedicated email specialist who has the skills and data to send your messages personalized as well.

Personalized emails, those that use the prospect or client name in the subject line and salutation, have shown to increase open rates by a whopping 327%.[3]

Higher open rates mean more people read your messages. This means more opportunities for lead generation or conversions for the exact same cost.

Use more social media. It wasn’t that long ago that social media meant Facebook. But today, there are dozens of highly effective social channels that you should be using and advertising on, including video platforms outside of YouTube (think Instagram and TikTok).

If you have a dedicated social media manager, be sure they’re using every channel available, even ones that are out of favor, or new ones that few know about. Your free content should be seen by everyone. Your ads, on the other hand, must be highly targeted.

Make sure your website is modern, fast, mobile optimized, user friendly and capable of capturing user data. The best prospects are the ones who have already visited your website. By remarketing to them, you’re greatly increasing the chances that they’ll not only take an action like filling a form but will convert into a buyer.

On your website, you should have pop-up discount offers or free premiums to entice organic visitors to engage. Use quizzes and surveys, gamify your website, have a chatbot and other interactive features to keep them there as long as possible.

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the greater the chance they either buy something or become a qualified lead.

Engagement is key to not only generating leads but converting them into customers and potentially lifetime buyers.

Simply put, all your digital B2C lead gen efforts should have some form of user engagement involved.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more to B2C lead gen than just this, and data analysis is a big part of it, but this should be a good starter for you.


If you’re looking for more actionable tips or have questions regarding lead generation, data analysis and the conversion metrics and KPIs you should know for 2023…

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