Should You Hire a Call Center, or a Contact Center for Qualified Lead Generation?

If you’re considering hiring a “call center” to help your business generate high quality leads, you’re going to want to do some research first. Because, as you’ll quickly find, not all “call centers” are created equal. Yet, some of them will gladly partner with you without fully informing you of what they’re actually capable of achieving for your business.

See, some call centers solely focus on outbound calls for charitable organizations, some only take inbound calls as an arm of a company’s customer service department, while others focus exclusively on generating and nurturing high quality, high intent leads to be “handed off” to your sales force or enrollment department.

Generally speaking, the first two types of call centers above are indeed call centers; while the latter, the one that specializes in generating and nurturing leads for the “handoff” is better considered a contact center.

Here’s why:

Depending on its vertical, call centers will do outbound calls, take inbound calls, or conduct customer service duties, and that’s usually about it.

Contact centers, like those owned and operated by Conversion Media Group for example, may offer customer service, do inbound and outbound calls, send outbound SMS text, conduct instant chat, video chat, do full social media contact, email contact, lead generation, lead nurturing, offer a wide array of digital marketing services and can, importantly, generate live lead transfers directly to your sales or enrollment team (more on this in a moment).

Additionally, while call centers are driven by new business contracts, contact centers are driven by increasing sales and ROI for their partners.

So which is best for your business?

Clearly, this depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re simply looking for someone to handle your customer service, a call center may be a good option.

However, if you are wanting to partner with a contact center, one that’s been proven time and time again to deliver high quality, high intent leads directly to your sales team, then a contact center is probably the way to go.

But, like we said earlier, not all “call centers” are created equal, and neither are all contact centers.

It’s why when considering a partnership with a contact center, you’ll want to know more about their capabilities, and geographical location too. See, many contact centers, while they may offer a wide range of services, are located offshore. And while this is perfectly fine, their agents may not know the intricacies of “American” English, nor may they know the cultural intricacies of what your potential customers or students really want.

Or more simply put, they aren’t always experts at communicating with the American public. And of course, this can make a big difference in results.

Conversion Media Group owns and operates domestic contact centers. Our agents not only know the conversational intricacies of “American” English, but they are part of our culture. Meaning they are among the best contact center communicators you’ll find.

CMG offers an incredible range of contact center services, in addition to digital marketing services. But perhaps best of all, we offer live lead transfers.

Live lead transfers are people we’ve gotten to know through various contact points, nurtured them and actually have them on the telephone. Once they indicate they’re interested in what your school or business has to offer, we can transfer the call, in real-time, directly to your enrollment department or sales team.

Live lead transfers have been shown to convert into customers (or students) at a great rate. And there’s a pretty simple reason why…

They’re already interested in what you have to offer before your “closers” even talk with them.

Now, if you’re looking to partner with a call center to conduct some customer service, that’s great. However, if you’re looking to increase sales and ROI, or want to generate new students for your college, trade or vocational school…

Then partnering with Conversion Media Group should be atop your to-do list.

Simply give one of our lead gen experts a call at (+1) 800-419-3201 or click HERE and we’ll show you precisely how live lead transfers work, and we can discuss all of our marketing and lead gen capabilities with you…

No matter what vertical you operate in!

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