Marketing Your School to ProspectiveTrade School Students… By Overcoming Misperceptions

Marketing Your School to Prospective Trade School Students… By Overcoming Misperceptions

Here’s the good news…

There’s massive interest among recent high school grads (and adults alike) in entering the trades. In fact, 47% are interested in trade-based careers…[1]

And 73% of Gen Z respect skilled trade careers nearly as much as they respect careers in medicine.[2]


There’s also some not so good news.

See, as little as 16% of high school grads actually enrolled in vocational or trade school. That’s only about a third of the number that showed genuine interest.

The big question is, why is there such a big disconnect between interest and enrollment?

Well, Conversion Media Group, a national leader in trade school enrollment initiatives may have the answer to this perplexing question.

But better than that, we’ll offer you some statistics today that you can use to help reassure prospective trade school students, ones that you speak with, that their decision to enroll with you could very well be a good one.

Keep in mind, we at CMG speak with hundreds, sometimes thousands of prospective students every week. So, we’re well aware of their goals and their concerns when it comes to higher education.

So, why is there such a disconnect between interest in trade school and enrollment? Well, it all comes down to misperceptions.

You see, even though interest in the trades may now be historically high, many people believe a career in the trades may not “pay off” as much as a career gained after earning a four-year college degree.

In fact, 89% of young Americans do not associate high pay with trade school.[3]

Of course, that’s a huge number of prospective students who simply don’t understand the potential benefits of going to trade school; nor do they understand how much a good skilled tradesperson can make.

So, with nearly nine in ten young Americans not associating a high paying job with the trades, one can assume income is a big concern.

With that said, here’s some facts compiled by independent market research firm, Gitnux, that your prospective trade school students should know…

Facts that can help dispel some of the misperceptions about the trades and trade school:[4] Here we go…

  1. 43% of trade school grads earn MORE than those who have graduated from a traditional college.
  2. 41% of four year college students drop out; 90% of trade school students graduate.
  3. Jobs in the trades are expected to grow at a higher rate than the national average for all other jobs.
  4. On average, trade school takes two years, while college takes at least four.
  5. The average cost, per year, of a 4-year public college is about $20k, while on average, trade schools come in at about $3k depending on the program.
  6. Recent college grads have an average annual salary between $30k and $40k. Recent trade school grads earn a median income of almost $36k.

Now, almost half of trade school grads make more money than traditional college grads…

Have a higher graduation rate, enter a jobs market that is growing faster than average…

Take far less time to get into the workforce, pay far less in tuition, earn about the same amount of money right out of school as a traditional college grad…

And don’t have massive student loan debt, which must be paid even if a student drops out (which 42% of four-year students do).

These are the facts.

Now, with almost half of high school grads showing interest in trade-based careers, and just a small portion of them actually enrolling, now’s the time to change perceptions.

Now’s the time to partner with Conversion Media Group for your enrollment initiatives. Because speaking with, and nurturing prospective students is what we do.

So if you’re interested in hearing more about how we can help boost enrollments at your school, just give us a call at 1-800-419-3201, or email us at [email protected]

Here’s to your enrollment success!

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