8 Things You Must Do Before Hiring a Contact Center For Lead Generation

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Not all contact centers are created equally. Some are located offshore, some only operate as customer service arms of businesses, while others have no specialty at all… And few are proficient at generating new leads at the rate you need.

With that said, here are 8 things you must do before hiring a contact center…
And it all comes down to its agents!

1: Be sure the agents are great communicators – When it comes to phone calls, agents must be phenomenal communicators. In this day and age, it’s imperative that the contact center you hire has agents that are pros at talking and listening.

2: Be sure the agents are optimistic – The best agents are always optimistic, not for themselves, but for the lead. When a lead is on the phone with an optimist, that positive energy is felt by the lead.

3: Be sure the agents are problem solvers – Great agents realize their job is to help solve someone else’s problem. Don’t be afraid to “test” an agent’s ability to solve yours.

4: Be sure the agents are empathetic to the lead– When you hire a contact center, its agents must create rapport and validate the needs, desires, and life situations of the leads they speak with.

5: Be sure the agents are well trained – This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’ll want to be absolutely certain that agents at the contact center you hire are true professionals and are well trained on your business and its products.

6: Be sure the agents are focused – Everyone has bad days. But the best agents never take their bad day to work with them. They focus on the task at hand, and only bring positive energy to a phone conversation.

7: Be sure the agents are team players – Agents can be competitive, but your business will thrive if you know they work as a team for your common goal; generating the highest quality leads possible.

8: Be sure to visit the contact center – a well run contact center, its agents, and its management love in–person visits from clients. By asking for one, you’re showing that you mean business, and by accepting your visit, they are too.

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