The “Not So” Surprising Reason a Catholic University Was Forced to Drop Theology Degrees…

To show a typical 4 year private university

Is Great News for Career Educators!

For well over a decade now, colleges and universities have seen enrollment numbers plummet. In fact, between the fall semester of 2012 and the fall of 2022, enrollments dropped by roughly 1.9 million students, or almost 10%.[1][2]

Many colleges and universities now find themselves in crisis mode as more and more high school students and adult learners look at alternatives to college.

As a result, Marymount University, a Catholic school based in Virginia, has decided to eliminate 10 humanities degrees, including theology. Among the other degrees to be scrapped include English, history, art, and philosophy.[3]

Although the school has an endowment of roughly $58 million, university president, Irma Beccerra said, “‘Over the long term, it would be irresponsible to sustain majors [and] programs with consistently low enrollment, low graduation rates, and lack of potential for growth…

“As Marymount assesses the evolving higher education landscape, we are called to constantly refine our offerings and approach. While these specific changes are not financially driven, they will provide the University the opportunity to redeploy resources to better serve students and areas of growth. 

“We believe investing in programs that appeal to students and prepare them for highly sought-after professions is not only our mission but our responsibility.”[4]

According to US News, 2021’s top three majors at Marymount were nursing, business administration, and information technology.[5] All are “career” based degrees.

While the slow demise of some traditional four-year degree programs is somewhat saddening, its fantastic news for schools that focus exclusively on career education…

And it’s precisely why we’re seeing traditional schools like Marymount switch their focus.

But as more and more colleges and universities begin to take advantage of the desires of today’s students, the competition to enroll them in career-based programs will undoubtedly grow fierce; even for those institutions already in the career-education field.

It’s why now’s the time for career colleges, trade schools, tech academies and vocational schools to redouble their enrollment efforts. 

Simply put, universities will be going after prospective career-degree seeking students, and you need to attract them before “they” do. 

But even with the multi-million-dollar endowments and massive marketing budgets the universities enjoy, you can still beat them to the punch and boost your enrollment. 

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