Want to Hire a Contact Center to Generate EDU Leads? – Better Use This Check-List Before You Do –

Want to Hire a Contact Center to Generate EDU Leads? - Better Use This Check-List Before You Do -

If you’re considering hiring a contact center to generate EDU leads in hopes of increasing your new student enrollments, there are few things you should be aware of before you sign on the dotted line.

You see, not all contact centers are created equally. And if you don’t properly vet the contact center you plan to hire, things could go south pretty quickly.

That’s why today, Conversion Media Group, a national leader in higher education enrollment initiatives will share with you a check-list that you should use… before hiring a contact center.

Now, we know you have a lot of options out there. There are tons of contact centers you can choose from, and a lot of them may tell you they’re capable of X, Y and Z… even if they aren’t.

As a US-based contact center operator ourselves, we’ve seen it all.

We’ve seen contact centers pop-up and go away. We’ve seen contact centers overpromise and under deliver, we’ve seen contact centers say they specialize in just about “everything” … only to fail miserably, at everything.

That’s why the first two things you should ask, the very first things, is if the contact center you’re considering specializes in EDU, and for how long they’ve been doing it.

Because if they’re not EDU specialists, chances are they won’t perform up to snuff… and you may be wasting a lot of money.

So, checklist item #1: Do they specialize in EDU lead generation?

And checklist item #2: How long have they been in the EDU space?

Now, the rest of this simple check list will come down to the people actually making the calls, the agents.

Checklist item #3: Be absolutely certain the agents are phenomenal communicators.

Item #4: Be sure the agents are optimistic about the prospective student’s future.

Item #5: Be sure the agents are great problem solvers.

Item #6: Be sure the agents are empathetic to the needs and circumstances of the lead.

Item #7: Be sure the agents are well trained in the EDU space.

Item #8: Be sure the agents are highly focused on the task at hand.

Item #9: Be sure the agents are team players.

Item #10: Be sure the agents speak the native tongue of your prospective students.

Item #11: Be sure the agents absolutely love talking on the phone.

You see, the best contact centers focus almost exclusively on training their agents to become experts at their jobs and are often highly focused in one specialization.

Now, you should never be afraid to “test” the agents’ abilities by seeding yourself on a list as a prospect… Just to see how they handle a call with you. In fact, we encourage it.

Lastly, item #12: Visit the contact center yourself and talk with the agents and management. You’ll want to have a good look at the operations for yourself to see if the contact center is truly right for you.

With that said, Conversion Media Group’s owned and operated US-based contact centers have the best trained, highest qualified, and most laser focused agents in the business…

And we love visits from our clients!

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