Social Media Marketing: Pay Attention to These Metrics to Assure Better Campaign Performance

Social Media Marketing: Pay Attention to These Metrics to Assure Better Campaign Performance

Nearly 3 out of every four Americans use social media. That’s almost 250 million of us. What’s more, roughly 90% of all US adults have social media accounts.


In the key adult 18-29 EDU demographic, a whopping 84% of them are on it.[1]

This means your school and its programs must be on social media too. Of course, your marketing team is probably already on social. And they’re probably already creating a bunch of content…

But if they’re not paying close attention to a few key metrics, they could be dropping the ball. You see, simply creating content and hitting “post” (especially paid posts) will not do you any good and it could be costing you dearly.

That’s why today, Conversion Media Group, a national leader in higher education enrollment initiatives will cover a few key social media metrics your marketing team should be paying attention to.

By closely monitoring each of the metrics you see below, your team will have a clearer view of campaign performance; allowing them to quickly shift creatives, platforms and media spends…

Helping them not only achieve better results…

But helping you save money by them doing it.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Impressions: The number of people who see your posts or content. This metric may, however, include multiple views from a single person. Of course, you can pay for impressions, but keeping an eye on organic impressions shows you just how “sticky” your content really is.

CPC: How much does is single paid click cost you? That’s the cost-per-click metric.  If you’re spending $1000 on a campaign and you’ve gotten 10 clicks, your CPC is $100. You’ll want to get this number as low as possible.

CTR: Your click-through-rate shows you how many people clicked on any post you’ve made, organic or paid. Your CTR can help you determine if your creatives are enticing or not.

CPM: This is your cost per thousand impressions. Most often associated with paid posts, this metric shows you your up-front cost on your media buys. With CPM, you’ll want to keep a very close eye on the CTRs for each campaign to minimize your CPC.

Conversion Rate: How many of your post viewers click and turn into new student leads? That’s your conversion rate. Track the conversion rates on every post to help you narrow down messaging and targeting.

Amplification Rate: This is a ratio of the overall number of followers you have compared to the number of shares your followers have made with a particular post. The higher the amplification rate, the better your content is.

Social Reach: This metric measures the number of people who see your post. However, unlike impressions, social reach measures unique views, removing multiple views from the same person.

Engagement Rate:  This is the rate at which your audience reacts to your posts. It could be likes, follows, comments, shares or other reactions. Strong engagement rates mean your posts are getting the attention you’re looking for.

AGR: Your Audience Growth Rate: This metric shows the rate at which your audience grows over a defined amount of time. If you’re seeing a good growth rate, it means people are enjoying your content. AGR varies by platform, but in general, you’d like to see at least a 1.5-2.5% per month AGR; averaged across all your platforms.

Video Views: This one is self-explanatory. Video views tell you how many people watched at least the beginning of your video content. However, it doesn’t show you how many people completed it. That’s where our last metric comes in…

VCR: Your video completion rate: This measures how many people not only clicked on one of your videos but watched it to completion. If your VCR is 70% or above, you’re doing it right!

You see, these social media metrics are pretty simple to calculate and monitor. And by staying on top of any changes (and continually trying to improve your numbers) you can better assure your posts are performing up to snuff.

Now, if you’re looking to stay ahead of the growing competition in EDU space and want to increase new student enrollments at your school…

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