4 Higher-Ed Lead Generation Tips That Can Help Boost Enrollment Fast

Spring enrollment is just around the corner. By now, your institution, whether you’re a trade school, tech academy, vocational school, career college or bootcamp, should be nearing the point where all of your available upcoming “slots” are filled.

You’re likely already in constant contact with your incoming students, your enrollment department is preparing all the paperwork and your instructors are ready to go. If this sounds like your institution, congratulations, you’re going to have a great spring!

However, if your institution hasn’t reached full spring enrollment yet, there’s still time to get there; so long as you employ the following four strategies for higher-education lead generation, immediately.  

These strategies, tested and proven by Conversion Media Group, an industry leader in generating, nurturing and converting educational leads into students, are simple enough for any institution to incorporate, even those with a small marketing staff.

Now, some of these four tips may seem obvious to you, and you may already be applying some of them. But, as you’ll see, tip #4 may be the most important of them all and could be the one strategy that gives you perhaps the highest chance of meeting your enrollment goals, before the spring semester gets under way.

So, let’s begin!

Tip #1: Offer highly valuable content to your website visitors. Organic visitors to your institution’s website should be among your highest converting leads. These visitors have found you, are interested in what you have to offer, and are often highly motivated. They spent time searching, and found you, after all.

In order to boost the chances of enrollment with your web visitors, however, you’ll need to offer them highly valuable and engaging content. Content that “proves” your value to them.

Your website should include a weekly SEO/Key Word rich blog article, some downloadable, high-authority digital content like a free webinar, infographics, a free newsletter (sent at least monthly highlighting virtues of the education you’re offering) and video. Lots of video. Your videos should show the learning process in action and should incorporate as many testimonials from real students and graduates as possible.

When your website visitors can see themselves in your current and past students’ shoes, and can envision their successes for themselves, the likelihood they enroll may greatly increase.

#2: For your advertising efforts, you’ll need to create high quality landing pages that are dedicated solely to the ad you’re spending money on. If your institution offers courses in welding, auto repair, construction, and plumbing, for example, be certain that your ads for “welding” only go to the landing page for welding courses. The same goes for all of your courses and all your ads.

If a potential student clicks on an ad to learn about becoming an auto mechanic and is taken to a landing page that offers courses in general contracting, they’ll probably leave instantly.

So, be certain that all of your advertisements match the landing page/courses that you’re advertising for. If you don’t, you’ll not only lose a bunch of potential leads, but you’ll be wasting money on irrelevant ads.

#3: Don’t forget paid social media marketing. Your institution likely has a social media presence. Your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media pages should have plenty of regular, engaging and interesting content from your institution.

This social media content gives you an opportunity to instantly connect to perhaps thousands of prospective students, in near real-time. But don’t forget to advertise on social media.

While your regular social content can get your institution in front of new prospects, paid social media advertising can increase your reach, big time.

If you haven’t done so yet, consider contacting Conversion Media Group for assistance in managing this entire process for maximum success. You may find that there are hundreds of prospects in your area that you’ve been unable to reach any other way. And, best of all, many of these prospects may be ready to act as soon as they see your materials.

Of course, just like non-social paid advertising, you’ll want your landing pages to match your ads so you’re not wasting money on ill-fitting clicks which CMG can help with as well.

#4: Live transfers: Live transfers are perhaps the best way to fill your spring enrollment before it’s too late. Live transfers are hot, real-time leads that can be handed off to your enrollment department while they’re still on the phone with one of our expert educational representatives here at Conversion Media Group.

What makes live transfers so effective is this: Conversion Media Group can do all your lead-generation efforts, all the lead nurturing with continual personalized contact, then the moment they’re ready to hear directly from your institution, we can transfer the call to you, live.

With CMG, there’s no need for your staff to focus on generating leads when they can focus instead on talking to real prospects, in real time!

You see, CMG is in continual contact with thousands of potential students. We know they’re interested in furthering their careers with a trade school, career college, bootcamp or tech academy education…

And they want to hear from you!

If you’re looking to fill out your spring enrollment, or are already planning ahead, consider making Conversion Media Group your lead-gen and enrollment partner, the industry’s top choice for live transfer leads.

See exactly what Conversion Media Group can do for you by calling us today at 1-800-419-3201.

Or you can contact us HERE and one of our expert, live transfer lead generation experts will get back with you asap.

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