Forget Call Centers, Here’s Why a Higher-Ed Focused “Contact Center” Can Really Boost Your Enrollment

When you think of the words “call center,” images of rows of people stacked into a tiny room, cold calling hundreds of numbers from the phone book may come to mind. Worse, you may think of an overseas warehouse full of computers, generating robocalls and robo-texts to random numbers, hoping for a response, any response.

And those conjured images may very well be true, and your concerns about using these kinds of services are valid… clearly, you shouldn’t use them, ever.

But unfortunately, you may have unknowingly hired some of these operators in the past, only to later realize it was not only a huge mistake, but a massive waste of money.

But gladly, although they do exist, these kinds of call centers can become a thing of the past for you. Today, with the introduction of high quality, highly responsive US-based Higher-Ed focused contact centers reaching out only to folks who have opted-in to hearing from us, the days of poor operators, poor leads and even poorer results are over.

Now, while illegitimate offshore call centers still exist, there are some legitimate call centers both abroad and here in the US. But even the results from these centers pale in comparison to those from high-response educational lead contact centers, like the best-in-the-business educational contact centers at Conversion Media Group.

In a moment, we’ll show you why your education leads and live transfers, whether they be for trade schools, career colleges, tech academies, vocational schools, bootcamps, certificate programs, or even college, should only come from educational focused contact centers… and not from call centers, not even legitimate ones.

First, here’s the 11 big differences between call centers and education-focused contact centers:

Call Centers  Education-Focused Contact Centers
Primary contact: Phone onlyPrimary Contact: Digital, email, phone, SMS
Clients: AnyoneClients: Educational institutions
Call centers can be pushyContact centers offer real guidance
Volume centricData centric
Often cold call for leadsOffer immediate services to already opted in interested leads, with live transfers available
Leads are often low-quality and fleetingLeads are highly interested and often ready to convert on the spot
Callers looking for a quick fixCallers committed to a real solution
Reps are transactional in natureReps are nurturing in nature
Reps often poorly trainedReps are highly trained, caller focused
Cold response and attitudeWarm, caring, and welcoming
A numbers gameA quality game

Clearly, high response education-focused contact centers are far more interested in results than call centers, who care mostly about volume. But, when choosing a high response contact center for your higher-education leads and transfers, you should know that they’re not all created equal.

When interviewing one for the job, you should look for six things to assure you’re making the right choice.

Do they use multiple mediums to generate and nurture leads?

Do they offer focused, data driven outreach and results?

Are their representatives caring, professional and engaged with the needs of both students and schools?

Do they fully understand the industry?

Do they offer hot, live transfers?

Are they promising you volume or quality?

High response Higher-Ed contact centers, like Conversion Media Group, aren’t focused on the “numbers game.” Instead, the focus is on generating extremely high quality, fully nurtured and ready to act leads through data centric, multi-faceted efforts.

Our representatives fully understand the needs of the students they speak with, as well as the schools they represent. With CMG, your leads are carefully nurtured from the very first contact, all the way to the moment they’re handed off to you as a real-time lead or live hot transfer.

It means the likelihood of them enrolling at your school is much higher than any other enrollment efforts you may be employing, or have ever employed in the past.

Now, even if you already have thousands of student leads, and have no time or staff to contact them, Conversion Media Group has the analytical staff and the highly trained professional representatives you need to get them enrolled, asap.

So, if you’re interested in generating new, ready-to-act leads, or need help converting the leads you already have, forget call centers. Instead, consider the industry’s best Higher-Ed focused contact center and live transfer specialists at Conversion Media Group.

Although our focus is on quality, we have the ability to deliver thousands of, leads and live hot transfer leads directly to your enrollment department. Yes, thousands of them, all without sacrificing on even the tiniest bit of quality.

Nobody knows the education business like CMG.

See exactly what Conversion Media Group can do for your enrollment, and exactly how hot, live transfers work, by calling us today at 1-800-419-3201 Or you can contact us HERE and one of our expert, live transfer educational lead generation experts will get back with you asap.

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