The 9 Biggest Benefits of Lead Generation For Your Business


Any business, operating in any vertical, can only grow their top line in one of two ways, and there will never be a third way. You can either generate new customers or sell more to the customers you already have. Without a solid strategy for lead generation new customers you’re setting yourself up for failure.

By concentrating on filling your pipeline with new potential customers and analyzing the conversion data carefully and regularly, the size and profitability of your business will expand. It’s practically guaranteed.

This is why having a strong lead generation and conversion strategy should be your top priority. Because make no bones about it, lead-gen is essential to the success of your business. With Conversion Media Group, increasing your customer base, revenue and profitability is a snap.

You see, no matter what vertical you operate in, we have dedicated call center operations and data analytics specialists that can drive highly qualified leads right into your sales funnel, or into the hands of your sales team as live transfers.

As you’re about to see, the benefits of partnering with CMG are enormous.


1: Capture more customer analytics. With CMG lead-gen efforts, you’ll find more data analysis when the feedback loop is closed, and the relationship is a partnership and not client / publisher centric. Data is the new gold in this millennium and sharing it with the partners that drive your business turns it into platinum.

2: Grow your social presence and your followers: With quality content and communication, valuable information gets in front of your ideal target audience. Once positioned as a leader, your following will grow, and your sales along with it.

3: Build Brand Awareness: Unless you’re a mega-corporation like McDonalds, your brand needs to be more visible. Awareness campaigns have shown to build a loyal customer base, one that consists of repeat buyers, upsell buyers, and buyers of higher end products and services. They need to hear your brand name and not just see it!

4: Generate new business opportunities: Lead generation doesn’t only lead to new customers for your existing products or services, but can present you with new, untapped opportunities. Proper data analytics, like those used by CMG, can reveal what types of goods or services your business should start selling, and which it should axe. And the new customers you generate can start sending referrals at a virtually zero cost.

5: Expand your market: CMG lead-gen enables you to learn, through detailed data analysis, how and where you can penetrate existing and new markets. The information gathered shows you exactly where you should be spending money for maximized ROI, and if new markets can or should be tapped.

6: Improve prospect quality: CMG’s unique, industry-specific lead gen techniques can narrow down prospects into a group that are highly likely to convert. Instead of paying dearly for shot-gun-approach leads that are worthless, KPI’s can be met and exceeded with CMG. Our live transfers mean leads are more than warmed up, they’re hot and ready to engage.

7: Boost revenue: Proper lead-gen techniques and deep data analysis have proven to be among the single greatest revenue boosters for any business. Messaging, offers, demographics, geography and consumer intent must be measured in the most granular way possible. CMG’s data analysis allows you to prove KPI potential before a single dollar is spent.

8: Eliminate cold lead-calling and emailing: CMG’s expert lead-gen team take the hassle of cold calling and emailing out of your hands. Instead, we put hot, qualified leads into them. Don’t waste your sales peoples time with useless lead sheets and email lists. CMG hands off hot phone leads directly to your top sales reps so they can do what they do best… represent the value of your goods or services!

9: Automatically receive hot leads: CMG’s phone verified lead-gen, live transfers, web lead-gen and data analytics mean you’ll be receiving hot, ready to buy leads at a rate you once thought was impossible.

It’s been proven over, and over again. Proper lead-generation and conversion techniques coupled with regular data analytics will drive immediate tip line revenue as well as the long-term value of your new and existing customers.

With CMG, and our dedicated team of lead-gen experts, your leads will convert, your revenue will grow, and your business will boom.

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