Craig P. McGuinn II

Non-Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

Craig McGuinn began his career on Wall Street as a retail stock broker and a Principal working for boutique firms including Barington Capital Group and Westrock Advisors, among others, where he cut his teeth on investment banking and M&A deal flow. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Finance in 1989. McGuinn started in online advertising in 2000 at Venture Direct Worldwide on Madison Avenue in New York until 2004 when he and a partner launched Ward Media. There he led a team that took the revenue from $700,000 to $13,000,000 through 2008 and then negotiated its sale to Zeta Global(NYSE: ZETA). Having signed a three year contract with Zeta, McGuinn built out a 160 seat call center driving his division to $40M in annual revenue by 2011.

Since then McGuinn has been a serial entrepreneur having started AC Media, Inc. in 2012 , currently CEO, launching Lead Management Solutions (LeadCurrent™)as a Co-Founder in 2017, currently serving as CEO, launching Prospex Digitalas a Co-Founder in 2018, currently serving as Non-Executive Chairman, launching  Conversion Media Groupas a Co-Founder in 2020, currently serving as Non-Executive Chairman, as well as having served or currently serving on multiple Boards and Advisory Boards. McGuinn has negotiated several asset sales as well. At AC Media he negotiated the sale of two call center units to Thruline Marketingin February 2019 and negotiated the sale of Full Beakerlater that same year in December 2019. Craig McGuinn’s strengths are routed in sales, call center operations, general operations as well as merger and acquisitions and/or asset sales.

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